KDHamptons Hostess Trick: Floral Ice Cubes That Will Also Make Your Heart Melt!


For the recent KDHamptons “Goats in the Garden” party, we took the bar decor to the next level by making fabulous floral ice cubes with fresh flowers from Kelli’s gardens at Maple Shade, including lavender, roses, and hydrangea petals. The two refreshing proseccos we served were the Mionetto Prosecco Rosé and Prosecco DOC Organic Extra Dry.  Despite the heat, the oversized cubes and spheres keep the bubbly chilled, but don’t melt quickly and water down the wine.  Follow along to see a step-by-step of how to make the prettiest ice cubes you have ever seen, or click HERE to watch the video.  

Step one: Pluck the perfect petals from your garden. 

Step two: Take out your William Sonoma cube and sphere ice trays.

Step three: Fill to the tippy top with water.

Step four: Place your petals in the form and pop them into the freezer. In 3-4 hours, your breathtaking ice cubes are ready for showtime!

Step five: Peel the cubes from the trays and add to a beautiful ice bucket display. Pop one into each glass of bubbly.

By Lucie Lott