KDHamptons Party Pix: Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley Host ‘An Evening In The Hamptons’ To Benefit NYC Mission Society



Jean Shafiroff, Stanley Rumbough, Dina Merrill, Christine Andreas, Cole Rumbough



On August 31, an intimate summer soiree was held at the private East Hampton estate of Dina Merril and Ted Hartley. The evening included dinner, fireworks, and live musical performances by Tony Award Nominee Christine Andreas and cabaret singer Cole Rumbough.  The night raised over $40,000 of donations for the NYC Mission Society, the longest running charity in Manhattan!



The evening also marked the 30th anniversary of board service by Mr. Stanley H. Rumbough, here with Maria Orengo and Courtney Bennett



Martha Stewart chatting with Cole Rumbough and Jean Shafiroff



“We are truly blessed.  The generosity of our committee members and guests is absolutely amazing,” said Maria Orengó, New York City Mission Society’s Interim Executive Director.  “This support allows us to continue to do the necessary work to help break the cycle of poverty for New York City’s children, youth and families.”



Dina Merrill's grandson, Cole Rumbough singing



R. Couri Hay and Joe Alexander


Philippe Bigar and Gigi Tang



Tony Award Nominee, Christine Andreas performing



The distinguished Event Committee Members included Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley, along with Lizzi Bickford, Charles Bullock, Cornelia Bregman, John U. Moorhead, Stanley H. Rumbough, and Jean Shafiroff.  The guest list included luminaries such as Martha Stewart, Ambassador Bonnie McElveen Hunter, Sharon Bush, R. Couri Hay, and Randi Schatz, and more.



Stanley Rumbough, Cole Rumbough, Martha Stewart, Leah Rumbough


Lizzi Bickford and Christopher Bickford



Randi Schatz


Melissa Berkelhammer, Stanley Rumbough, Cornelia Bregman, Cole Rumbough. Brook Laing



Maestro Gerard Schwarz, Jody Schwarz, Embassador Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, Bynum Hunter



The goal of the NYC Mission Society is to break the cycle of poverty for New York’s children, youth, and families. This year they will provide services to more than 7,000 youth and families in Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.  To get involved with the New York City Mission Society go here.


*Photos courtesy of Annie Watt