KDHamptons New Beauty Obsession: Superflower, A Magical Everyday CBD Serum


“Have you ever found that perfect product that you use once and then can’t stop using? That happened to me when I was introduced to the Everyday CBD Serum by Superflower,” shares KDHamptons contributing writer, Lily Kot, who chats with the power duo behind the hot new beauty brand, below:

Superflower was founded by Cary Leitzes and Hamptonite Olivia Combemale (below). Cary and Olivia worked in marketing for years and took a job working for a fast-fashion retailer looking to produce a line of cosmetics. Disheartened by the toxic ingredients used in the products, Cary and Olivia decided to start their own business creating clean skincare.

Diving into the world of CBD, they worked hard to find a farm that produced the CBD oil they were looking for. It took about 2 years to perfect their serum, and then when it was ready to share, customers smiled; a product surrounding self-care and self-love had entered the marketplace.

Lily Kot:  What are the most important ingredients in the serum and why?

Olivia Combemale: The ingredients are…

      • CBD – for calming redness and puffiness, soothing, and protecting the skin
      • Hyaluronic Acid – for deep hydration and moisturizing, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
      • Vitamin C – for brightening the skin, evening out pigmentation, acting as an antioxidant for protection and collagen synthesis stimulation for anti-aging
      • Grapeseed Oil – non-comedogenic oil that’s great for creating a protective barrier while hydrating and healing the skin. This oil also contains great antioxidants and won’t clog your pores.


Lily Kot: How is the Everyday serum revolutionizing skincare? 

Olivia Combemale: The Everyday Serum is a standout clean, nontoxic skincare formula that’s easy-to-use and effective. It maximizes the use of organically grown CBD with proven natural ingredients to calm, hydrate and nourish all skin types, at any age.

Lily Kot: Where is the Everyday serum produced? Are the ingredients locally sourced? 

Olivia Combemale: Superflower is made in California. Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world, but we have a strict vetting process to ensure they are high quality. We source from the US when possible.


Lily Kot: What are the Superflower Series and how do they empower readers?

Olivia Combemale: The Superflower Series showcases entrepreneurs, advocates, and individuals that we admire for a variety of reasons. We create special flower collages and do short Q&A’s that highlight who they are and what they stand for on our Instagram and website, with the hope that their stories and lifestyles inspire our customers as much as they inspire us!

Lily Kot: How is the Superflower brand as a whole changing the way women view themselves?

Olivia Combemale: Superflower is a piece of a larger mindset and lifestyle that empowers and values a holistic approach to self-love and care. Superflower was created to be a healthier choice when it comes to skin. While we are advocates of non-toxic and synthetic-free beauty, we don’t encourage an extreme approach to wellness, as we believe an obsessive mindset around health can do more harm than good. Instead, it’s about living consciously and making decisions that make you feel like the healthiest and happiest version of you. We believe clean beauty is one easy way to feel empowered by your choices, and embody self-love.

The Everyday CBD Serum has helped my skin in many different ways. I get stress rashes on my face and the CBD helps calm my skin down. After showering, if the rash is more prominent, I put the serum on and within 15 minutes, the rash calms down. It has changed my skin entirely.

Lily Kot

I use the serum everyday in the morning right after waking up and at night after exfoliating. My skin has become brighter, smoother, and honestly glows. To check out the Superflower website, click here. 

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— by Lily Kot

Posted by Lily Kot