KDHamptons New Beauty Obsession: The Plant Power of Ayurveda with Taïla Skincare

Who isn’t obsessed with natural skincare products that make you feel clean, healthy and beautiful? KDHamptons surely is! So let’s meet Shadoh Punnapuzha, the founder and creator behind the NYC-based bespoke skincare collection, Taïla. Shadoh became passionate about skin health after having struggled with the tricky combination of eczema and acne. With Ayurveda ingrained in her family’s heritage combined with her botanist father imparting his knowledge of plant medicine — it created an intense passion and foundation for this healing science within her. Her time spent in Kerala, India, where Ayurvedic Vaidyans (Physicians) have practiced for generations only further expanded her knowledge base and yearn for more education, thus enrolling in Ayurvedic courses. Along with an innate passion for botanical perfume blending, Shadoh designs distinctive natural formulations that go beyond the surface layer of the skin.Taïla Skincare is a collection rooted in the plant powered science of Ayurveda. To create an authentic journey, we produce all formulations at our facility in NYC guided by the ancient Vedic scriptures. Our founder and Ayurvedic expert, Shadoh carefully selects ingredients imbued with the power to rejuvenate and regenerate while incorporating the foundation of Ayurveda to empower skin’s natural healing process. Drawn from the dedicated devotion to the science of nature that originated from the values of the exotic homeland and heritage of India, Taïla was created to share these time-honored holistic traditions and the distinct qualities of nature.

This skincare collection ranges from $55 to $102 and can be purchased directly through AYURVEDA

Leveraging from nature’s intelligence, Ayurveda is a holistic time-tested science that believes the body and mind should be aligned with the rhythm of nature with nature’s elements. With a distinctive emphasis on total mind body wellness, the craft and science of Ayurveda works to harmonize both internally and externally by removing imbalances and strengthening the skin barrier. Using Ayurvedic formulations help to increase longevity, delay the signs of aging, alleviate ailments and grant mental tranquility.

— Emmy Sammons