KDHamptons Feast End Diary: Chef Admir Alibasic Cooks For Artists & Writers Charity Game


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“Growing up, I always enjoyed eating (actually loved it too much, I weighed 340lbs at one point) and was always fascinated when my mother would cook,” shares Admir Alibasic, executive chef of Ben & Jack’s Steak House. “I started watching Food Network at a young age and there was something about how the chefs would portray themselves on a dish that made me want to get in the kitchen.”  Chef Admir Alibasic shares his love of culinary country scene in this NEW KDHamptons Feast End Diary, below:  


KDHamptons: What do you love most about the Hamptons and what are some of your favorite things to do while you are here?
Chef Admir Alibasic: I love so many things about the Hamptons from the pristine beaches, attending the many charity events, great restaurants and wineries to relaxing with my friends and family (when they aren’t insisting that I get behind the grill).

Chef Admir Alibasic - Ben & Jack's Steak House Sesame Crusted Tuna

KDHamptons: With as many steakhouses that are in New York City, how does Ben & Jack’s Steak House maintain their top status?
Chef Admir Alibasic: For what I’ve been seeing, there’s at least one new steakhouse opening every month. Ben & Jack’s Steak House maintains their top status because of our dedication to quality ingredients, consistency and impeccable customer service. We do not cut corners just to save a buck, but instead dedicate our time to properly dry-aging the steak (nothing under 30 days), hand picking the right cuts and providing the customers with an experience like no other.

Chef Admir Alibasic - Ben & Jack's Steak House Steak Sauce Marinated Fried Oysters

KDHamptons: What is your favorite dish you like to prepare during the summer and do you have a favorite cocktail you like to pair it with?
Chef Admir Alibasic: When the weather starts to heat up, the grill is my playground. My favorite thing to cook during the summer has to be burgers paired with a basil Buddha’s Hand lemon drop or an old fashioned.

KDHamptons: Any grilling tips you want to share with our readers?
Chef Admir Alibasic: Grilling the perfect meat starts off in your supermarket or butcher shop (butcher shop is preferred). Some cuts of beef are not best for grilling and instead should be left for stews. You want a cut of beef that has a higher fat content (for flavor) and tender. Rib eye, strip steak, sirloin, filet mignon, porterhouse and T-bone cuts are best for grilling because of their fat content, which contributes to the flavor and tenderness.


KDHamptons: You are cooking and donating the food for the upcoming Artist & Writers event in the Hamptons. What will you be grilling and who are you secretly rooting for?
Chef Admir Alibasic: I’m going to be sweating behind a hot grill…. just kidding. I have done more than a handful of charity events and it is my pleasure to give back in any way possible. If I can help make a difference with my talent, I’ll be there. I’m going to be grilling premium blend hamburgers and hotdogs which are perfect for an afternoon softball game. In this case, I hope the best team wins *cough* artists *cough*. If they need an extra player, I don’t mind batting with my chef coat on.

Chef Admir Alibasic - Ben & Jack's Steak House Blueberry Lemonade
Blueberry Lemonade

KDHamptons: I know you have a new steak sauce coming out. Where we can find it?
Chef Admir Alibasic: The ingredients are “top secret” if I tell you, I’d have to… you know the rest. Our new steak sauce titled Ben & Jack’s Not Just Steak Sauce, is far from your ordinary steak sauce. It is that last missing ingredient the world has been searching for! I have designed the sauce that hits every part of your palate. It starts with a sweet molasses flavor, which becomes tangy and then you get a blast of citrus. It finishes with a slight kick that doesn’t linger and will compliment most dishes, cocktails and desserts. The sauce can be ordered by calling the restaurant and online sales will begin in August. Phone: 212.532.7600