KDHamptons Feast End: Cuvée Bistro & Bar Bids A Final Farewell To The North Fork



After 15 years in the magical Village of Greenport, Cuvée Bistro & Bar bids a final farewell to the community with a heavy heart today through Sunday, September 6th, when they will complete their closing dinner service. The restaurant will remain open to their cherished neighbors for those wishing to celebrate merry milestones and host private events. Owner Deborah Pittorino emphasizes, “Owning and operating the restaurant in this community has been an incredible experience in a place where we not only built our business but also developed the most wonderful friendships. We have watched our customers get married, have children, celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and more. We do still hope to celebrate with our community for years to come. I’m filled with infinite gratitude for these special friendships and value them even more at this time.”



The beloved restaurant will be closing due to a family health issue. Deborah’s husband, Bill Pittorino, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last summer and throughout the year has been on a difficult journey. The hotel will remain open 365 days a year and will move forward with the enduringly capable team, as all key employees will remain in place. They are excited for the future as they take the reins of the core business of lodging, conference planning and event coordination to the next level.


The restaurant invites guests to join them between now and September 7th to savor those signature dishes they hold close to the heart. For those who never dined at Cuvee Bistro & Bar before, the couple hopes they will stop by for a special culinary experience before they turn off the lights one last time.  Location: Cuvée Bistro & Bar at (326 Front St., Greenport, NY 11944 [631] 477-0066, or visit www.thegreenporter.com