KDHamptons Fashion Diary: Cienne New York Founder Nicole Heim Pops Up In The Hamptons



KDHamptons catches up with Cienne designer and founder Nicole Heim, who shares her inspiration to create Hamptons pop-up shops where her customers can interact with her brand. On August 4th to August 6th, Nicole is opening a Pop-Up shop on Jobs Lane in Southampton from 10am to 7pm. Another Pop-up is opening poolside at Montauk Beach House on August 6th at 12pm to 5pm. If you need Hampton style inspiration and want to look trendy for the rest of the summer season, pop on into Cienne Pop-up shop! Cienne NY Jagger Robe

KDHamptons: What inspired you to launch Cienne?
Nicole Heim: During my career I spent a lot of time traveling to overseas factories, and I became discouraged with the sheer amount of volume involved with mass-market production. Then my mom was very unexpectedly diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer, and passed away about a year later. It gave me a really fresh dose of perspective on life – it was the ultimate push I needed to make a change. I ended up taking a sabbatical to find a way to merge business and design in a purposeful way in  East Africa, where I went on an independent 3-month journey. I worked as a charitable field correspondent in rural Ethiopia, and fell in love with the intricate craftsmanship of local textile weavers. That was the inspiration to create a global marketplace for specialty items like hand-printed silk from India, hand-woven cotton from Ethiopia, paired with quality tailoring of New York City.

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KDHamptons: Why did you choose the Hamptons for a pop-up shop?
Nicole Heim: Offline efforts have always been a big part of our brand. We try to pop-up in places that feel convenient and as easy as it can be for [the customer] to come and interact with the brand and understand what we are about…Fabric and fit are two of our most important attributes, so being able to see it in person is huge.

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KDHamptons: Describe your own Hamptons look? 
Nicole Heim: I’m pretty laid-back when it comes to The Hamptons, so I usually wear pieces that are super comfortable and casual, but that also have interesting details and strong prints or patterns. I also love a good all-white look. I love Lisa Marie Fernandez and Solid & Striped swimsuits, and K. Jacques and Brother Vellies lace-up sandals. I live in Cienne’s Jagger Robe and Dessie Caftan, and love our silk separates and The Hudson Dress in ivory for anything outside of the beach. I’m also forever married to my perfectly worn-in vintage Levi’s, and currently obsessed (and trying to get my hands on!) Brazilian designer Lane Marinho’s sandals.