KDH Christmas Diary: See My Pix And Easy Tips From Our Holiday Cocktail Party You Can Add To Your Decor!



KDH & Doc threw together a little Christmas cocktail party last night to toast friends with some holiday cheer! Because it was last minute, I scooted over to Citarella in Bridgehampton and put together some great platters that our guests loved. It was my first time using Citarella for catering~ I was very pleased! The charcuterie, vegetable platter, shrimp cocktail, cheese plate and warm passed pastries were the perfect menu for easy cocktail snacking that won’t have your guests leaving hungry. All of our guests were charmed by our “Christmas House” so I thought I would share some decor pix and tips in case you need to add some holiday cheer to your home for the upcoming weekend…..Merry Christmas!

I put a lighted little tree from Lynch's Garden Center by the front door and lined the steps with poinsettias, baby trees, branches I sprayed white and little doves.
We lit the lanterns and the tree to welcome guests in the evening.
Okay, sorry to pull a Sandra Lee, but I repurposed bails of hay from my Thanksgiving decor by wrapping them in white "snow" batting to create make shift bluffs!
I picked up these giant gold balls at Kmart in Bridgehampton, the presents are made from pipe cleaners.
Doc loves to buy Christmas wreaths, garland and poinsettias from the North Fork.
The reindeer topiaries are my favorite because they remind me of my yorkie Ted. This will be my first Christmas without him in 17 years and I really miss my little guy.
I sprayed red cabbage lettuces with "snow" to decorate around the mail box.
The life-size manger in front of our house. We kid, we kid! This incredible manger is on the corner of Main Street and South Main in Southampton and I love taking photos of it!
Doc designed the fireplace mantle with holly and pinecones I bought at his daughters school Christmas fair. What a great job he did!
Erin Meaney of Topiaire designed this gorgeous centerpiece for the dining room table.
All of the flowers and mosses looked so pretty in the candlelight.
My favorite new ornaments: felted reindeer I found at Lynch's.
KDH adds the new ornaments to the top of my big fat tree from Small Potato Farm in Bridgehampton.
An old friend and I both purchased this creche at a Christmas market in Marseilles, France years ago so that it would remind us of each other each holiday.