NEW Party Pix: KDHamptons & Kathy Reilly Host Armarium Pop-Up Launch

Kelli Delaney and Kathy Reilly
KDHamptons founder Kelli Delaney and Kathy Reilly

On Friday, July 29th, KDHamptons cohosted a cocktail party with Kathy Reilly at Baron’s Cove to celebrate the Hamptons Pop-Up Shop of Armarium,  an invite-only mobile app, e-commerce platform and a New York City showroom. Comprised of an elite team of fashion insiders, Armarium was officially launched in April 2016. The program includes not only the ability to borrow pieces from an expertly curated lineup of couture, ready-to-wear, and accessories, but also, the option of hiring one of a number of professional stylists to assist with your day-of dressing needs.


Tonia Steck




Dubbed the Style Brigade, some of the talent on Armarium’s retainer includes: Meredith Melling, Valerie Boster, Siobhan Bonnouvrier, Karla Martinez de Salas and Shiona Turini. Because Armarium doesn’t just send you clothes—it provides the look, too, if you want it.


The Armi 400—Armarium’s global network of tastemakers, pacesetters and youthquakers—acts as a constant source of inspiration for the team. Riffing on Brooke Astor’s famous 400, the group of ambassadorial men and women are the front line of taste, sociability and influence—a perfect squad, if any, from which to draw style tips.

Emily Hahn
Emily Holmes Hahn


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