Jennifer Satinsky
My Hamptons

Jennifer Satinsky

Occupation: Owner/Photographer behind Satin Sky Photo.

Current Residence: East Hampton

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KDHamptons:  How long have you been living in the Hamptons? Why do you love it so much here?

Jennifer Satinsky: My husband and I moved to East Hampton about three years ago after moving around the tri-state area a few times.  What I love about the Hamptons is that there is no end to the beauty of it.  One of my favorite things to do is getting lost in my car to take pictures.  I never enjoyed landscape photography until living here.  The beaches, the hiking trails, the old houses, new houses, sunsets, sunrises.  I love the farms, the quiet beach spots, the seafood and even the smell in the air.  It’s just beautiful.


KDHamptons:  Please describe your photography career for our readers?

Jennifer: I started Satin Sky Photo shortly after our move to the Hamptons and have been full time with the business since early last year.  My work focuses mainly on family and couples portraits as well as intimate portraiture (my style of boudoir).  The Hamptons backdrop will never get old for my work.  No matter how many times a client asks to be on the beach, I will never say no!


KDHamptons:  How would you describe your style as a photographer? What subject do you like to shoot the most?

Jennifer: I try to keep my style in photography as natural, organic and fresh as I can.  I prefer not to use formal posing with my clients.   Natural light and no props is what I love.  I believe that less is more.  My favorite images of clients are when I don’t even have their attention.  While I adore working with kids, my absolute favorite subject are clients working with me for their intimate portrait session.  There’s nothing more beautiful than photographing a subject that celebrates their love for their body.


KDHamptons:  What does your perfect Hamptons day look like?

Jennifer: A perfect Hamptons day includes relaxation, eating and drinking!  I would love to wake up without an alarm followed by coffee and breakfast on our deck.  Explore local areas to photograph and grab lunch to eat on the beach.  My husband and I are big in to wine so a trip to our favorite winery, Channing Daughters, is a must.  Then of course dinner out.  I wish I loved to cook but it always tastes better when someone else makes it.


KDHamptons:  What is your favorite Hamptons restaurant?

Jennifer: This is a tough question.  For early drinks and catching up, I love to go to Meeting House in Amagansett with friends and my husband.  The shishito peppers and one of their craft beers on tap are my perfect pair.  I love the roasted chicken at Nick & Toni’s and of course the wine list.  And, if we are up for the drive, my husband and I love Starr Boggs in Westhampton.  The orecchiette & black summer truffle dish is my definition of heaven.


KDHamptons:  What do you like to do in the off-season?

Jennifer: The Fall and Winter are the perfect time to take a break to go over business and plan what can be done for the following year.  I also work with  They keep me busy with real estate photography while everyone is taking a break for Holidays and the slowness of the Winter.  I know the cold months can be tough out here, but so far it’s much appreciated in my book.


KDHamptons:  If you could photograph anyone in the world,  whom would you choose and why? How can our readers see more of your work and book you?

Jennifer: Another tough question!  My list would include such a wide variety people from this girl at Starbucks I keep running into to Crystal Renn, Marie Forleo, Hugh Hefner…too many people to name!  My work can be seen at as well as on instagram @satinskyphoto and @satin.skyboudoir.  All contact info can be found on the website.  I am also participating in a local art show at Ashawagh Hall May 16/17 that features some intimate portraiture as well as Hamptons landscape imagery.