If You’re Still In Your 20’s, What’s Your Idea Of A Perfect Summer? How Bout Plunking Down A 1967 Airstream On A Montauk Beach And Serving Lobster Rolls To Surfer Girls?

The AndTurf Airstream serves up fresh lobster

The Hamptons loves a hipster pop-up contrivance and fantastic fresh seafood: combine the two, and enter AndTurf, the concept of a 27 year-old SVA grad, who partnered with the designer behind Brooklyn Fare and Balthazar to restore this shiny vintage Globetrotter. From about 10-6 pm, you can go grab knuckle and claw lobster delights. Yum!

Here are the “house” specialties: 

Lobster Roll:  A blend of knuckle and claw meat mixed with a touch of spiced mayo and stuffed into a toasted top split bun, $16

Ditch the Roll:  Farmers market salad, tomatoes, and hard boiled eggs with a  fresh lump of lobster meat, $16

Homemade Key lime tart, $5

Find the epicurean airstream down at Ditch on Little Dirt Road down by the waves

Dirt Lot, Ditch Plains, Montauk

*Go to AndTurf.com for more info