Be A Boho Beach Babe: Channel Your Inner Stevie Nicks With Some Sexy Feathered Earrings. See KDH Top Three Styles!

Chan Luu Feather Earring in Black Mix $190.00 at
Vanessa Mooney 'The Wild Warrior Single Earring' $154.00 at
Lisa Levine 'Everything Feathers' earrings in silver 190$ at
Lisa Levine 'Everything Feathers' earrings in gold 415$ at

Not Ready to commit to a feather in your hair? How about one dangling from your ear? Enter Lisa Levine, the Brooklyn-based designer behind these 70’s-inspired earrings. Luxe and lightweight, they’re the perfect accessory to bring out your inner Janis Joplin. Amp up your style and wear them to the beach, or during an evening out at the Surf Lodge. KDH also loves Vanessa Moony and Chan Lu’s take on the trend [above].  Style tip: Be sure to keep the rest of your look simple and not 70’s.  Hippie-chic can easily be overdone, especially as a summer look. Pair the earrings with beachy hair, minimal makeup and a flirty summer dress!