The First Bagel Shop Opens on Shelter Island


The Eccentric Bagel  announced today that it will be opening its doors for the Grand Opening of the first ever bagel store on the Shelter Island. The soft opening this past weekend was incredible. Lines out the door with customers waiting to try Darryn Weinstein’s unique bagel recipe. Customers seated outside praising the taste “this is the best bagel I ever had, and I live in NYC” one customer said.

Over 4000 bagels made, and all sold out! Customers favorites were classic everything, unique za’atar and jalapeno cheddar. Weinstein created on the spot bagel dogs that sold out within five minutes of putting them out.

Darryn and his wife Amy have owned a home on Shelter Island for almost 7 years. A Manhattan native, Darryn has always felt the island needed a bagel store. He decided to pair his 30 years of hospitality knowledge with his wife’s design experience and bring to the island not just a bagel store, but a gastronomic experience.

Amy is the founder and CEO of Smash Entertainment, an entertainment firm that has provided services for everyone from Beyoncé to Barack Obama. Amy’s specialty is cultivating an experience and with the Eccentric Bagel she has set out to do just that. With help of local artist Ricky Teevee, the stores handmade visual experience was created.

The Eccentric Bagel is driven by a desire to create delicious food and a one-of-a-kind bagel experience. Combining a visual uniqueness, delicious food, and a HOLE lot of fun is what makes them ECCENTRIC!