Experience the Magic of eFoiling in the Hamptons!

With summer in the Hamptons well underway, imagine gliding across the Peconic Bay or Noyack Bay at up to 35 miles an hour – not in a boat, but on the world’s smallest personal watercraft, an eFoil.  Lift Foils is the original creator of the eFoil and worldwide leader in sales, and with a newly opened affiliate in the Hamptons, Hamptons Lift Foils.
Perhaps you’ve seen these boards out on the water near you. These impressive personal watercrafts strike a balance between stability and maneuverability, offering riders a state-of-the-art experience combining the best of surfing, hydro-foiling, and electric propulsion into an easy-to-use, undeniably smooth ride. 

Lift Foils leverages several technologies from smartphones, electric vehicles, and even drones into a board that allows its rider to be lifted above any body of water. This board doesn’t need wind or waves to carry its riders at up to 35 mph, making it perhaps the most accessible watersport to enjoy at any lakefront, beach or seashore across Long Island and beyond.  Whether an experienced thrill-seeker or searching for a more meditative wellness experience deemed “the flow state,” Lift Foils allow riders to craft their own adventure.

A family-run business operating out of Puerto Rico, Lift Foils founder, Nick Leason- an engineer and avid surfer- came up with the idea for the original eFoil in 2013, taking years to develop and perfect the eFoil technology. The growth has been swift since Lift Foils sold its first board in 2018 and revenues have doubled year over year. Lift Foils sold 4,400 boards in 2021, and in 2022 that number is expected to reach 8,500, supported by 300+ affiliate surf shops and a network of resellers.

With its calm waters, the Hamptons is the ideal environment for learning to eFoil and Hamptons Lift Foils is accustomed to teaching students of all fitness level and abilities. For more info visit HERE.