Executive Chef Andrew Buffalino Of LT Burger In Sag Harbor Shares His Montauk Fishing Diary With KDHamptons!



KDH friend Andrew Buffalino, shares his Fishing Diary with our readers this week!

The Executive Chef at LT Burger in Sag Harbor, a favorite haunt of KDH, Buffalino makes the best burger, pulled pork sandwich, Kobe beef hot dogs, fried pickles, and sinfully delicious ice cream shakes!! If you are one of the few hungry Hamptonites who haven’t already been to LT Burger already~ GO!

When Andrew’s not cooking up a storm at LT Burger, he can most often be found off the shores of Montauk, fishing. Check out his recent expedition out on the water in his KDHamptons Fishing Diary!!


KDH: Where did you like to fish? Describe what goes into the preparation for an outing?

Andrew Buffalino: We like to fish out in Montauk….from The Star Island marina. During this time of the year, we like to leave the dock between 4:30- 6:00 am. It all depends on the tide and season. Later in the season, we will have night trips. It only takes about a half hour run from the dock to get to where the fish are.



KDH: Who do you fish with and on what boat?

AB: I fish with Captain Mike on his boat Cujo. We’ve fished together for over five years, he’s one of the best around…..and always puts you on the fish!




KDH: What type of fish do you normally catch? How big are they?

AB: We usually fish for Stripe Bass between 25-35lbs.


KDH:  How long do you normally stay out on the water?

AB: Most trips are about 5 hrs. Sometimes we catch our limit, 2 per person, and switch to another type of fish like Fluke or Porgy. Other times some trips can go 10 hours or over night.




KDH: Any wild trips with Captain Mike?

AB: Once on the way out Captain Mike had the remains of a tuna rack in the cooler from an earlier trip. I was able to cut, scrape and trim off approx 2lbs of sushi grade tuna tartar…..I placed it over ice to chill, whipped up some soy and wasabi, and we all ate the wonderful tuna. No one will forget that trip!


KDH: Going for a day trip with an exec chef sounds like a good deal! What else do you guys eat on the boat? LT sandwiches?

AB: We usually bring cold food: fruits, sliced meat sandwiches, sometimes Burgers from LT burger. But never never bananas! Bananas are bad luck on a boat when fishing.




KDH:  How do you like to prepare your catch of the day?

AB: Over at LT we use the fresh caught bass to create a bass BLT with apple smoked bacon,  zesty tartar, heirloom tomatoes, and local red leaf lettuce. At home, I love to grill the bass whole, surrounded by local grilled vegetables including corn, zucchini, tomatoes, etc. The bass also makes great fish & chips as well, with a beer battered tarragon tartar sauce and vinegar potato chips!


KDH: YUM! We will be waiting at the restaurant for you Andrew!


Executive Chef Andrew Buffalino


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