Creative Feng Shui Founder Sarah Stone Shares 8 Top Tips For Your Hamptons Home


Needless to say, January has been quite a hectic month…let alone what we have all gone through in 2020. As we head in to 2021, many of us are looking for a fresh new direction to lighten things up on a daily basis.  KDHamptons recently met with Sarah Stone (above), founder of Creative Feng Shui and #1 Best Selling Author of ‘Live What You Love’  to learn more about her practices. The freshly minted Hamptonite shares, “Feng Shui can be used to mitigate stress. It is a time tested technique which dates back thousands of years and has become a powerful tool to create calm and harmonious energy. The words literally mean “wind” and “water,” which are associated with good fortune and good health.”

“How you manage your space has a major impact on your moods and relationships with others around you,” says Sarah. To welcome in 2021 and create more positivity in our homes, KDHamptons asks Sarah to share her Top Eight Creative Feng Shui Tips designed to raise the physical, emotional and spiritual influence of your Hamptons home so it feels lovely, and looks dreamy as you begin a fresh new year. “May you enjoy an abundance of love, every happiness, great levels of health and vitality, good luck, and continued success and prosperity every New Year,” she adds. 

Work out!

Welcome A Happy New Year: The New Year is a time of celebration and appropriate for more physical activity and enjoying the more material aspects of life. Good Feng Shui is making sure you have a full fridge for the New year, as this is a symbol for your potential wealth for the year ahead.  Also, start with a clean slate and pay off any debts, settle any outstanding disputes and create a clear pathway for good fortune to find it’s way to you in the year ahead. 

Create Space: With all the extra food and presents you have received over the holiday season and during quarantine, this is one of the best times of year to declutter. Your recycling can be someone else’s joyful discovery so let go of anything which is no longer required, is broken or no longer brings you joy.

Stimulate The Senses: Throw on a sweater and breathe new life into your home by opening the window for a short time to invite in a fresh flow of energy. Alternatively, burn some lavender, pinewood incense, aromatherapy oil or trusty scented candles to harness the power of your senses.  

Shine Bright: Turn up the lights. Both daylight and artificial light raises the level of chi (positive energy). Winter is here so we need to create our own cosy space with ambient lighting and candles. It’s important to ensure light fittings and light bulbs are functioning fully. Pay attention to the front door where you should aim to create a “bright hall effect” to provide a warm welcome as you step inside. Use ambient lighting to illuminate dark corners and create an even flow of chi, particularly in the living room, the kitchen and the home office.

I always pick up Quince branches from Topiaire in Southampton for a winter arrangement.

Bring Nature Indoors: Seasonal quince branches on a center table,  a vase of flowers by your bedside, a bowl of fruit on the dining table, or a stack of logs by the fire – these are all perfect natural enhancements for your home during the winter season.

Create Family Flow: Maintain family harmony by sitting at a round table, as this is less conducive to conflicts and arguments than a square or rectangular one.  If you do not have one then add several round objects, dishes and table decorations as focal points instead.

Curate A Space To Nourish & Replenish Your Energy: Think about the role of your room, by designating areas for various activities, you are subconsciously allowing yourself to move with ease and purpose within your home. Your bedroom should be restful, peaceful, supportive and loving so ensure you don’t store dirty laundry in there or have too much clutter which could leave you feeling anxious.

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Where Focus Goes;  Energy Flows: Remember that whatever you give with love and unconditionally comes back to you in unlimited ways.  help distribute positive energy to all those who receive them from you and spread this energy around your world, as it is your chance to connect with those you may not see so often.

About Sarah:  Sarah trained in the Western School of Feng Shui and works in homes and offices around the world to help her clients create more fortune and flow. You can arrange personalized online consultations or to connect with Sarah and learn more about the concierge services she offers via her website at