Coppertone Babies Say Bye-Bye! Keep Your Kids Safe From The Sun With MD Solar Sciences

Take care of your beach babies!

With twenty-two month twin boys in tow, it’s not always a day at the beach for KDH writer Christine Morrison. This mom depends on MD Solar Sciences, a mineral–based line developed by skin cancer authorities to protect sensitive-skin children and aging adults, for chemical-free coverage to block and reflect UV rays and greater moisturization. “Unparalleled application and ultra-matte natural finish” means no more baby tug-of-war to rid white residue. Budding toddlers and moms covered? Talk about double duty!

Why wait to get your sample on the Jitney – it’s now sold at Southrifty Drug, Whites Pharmacy, Gurney’s Inn, Sag Harbor Pharmacy, Montauk Yacht Club, Marie Eiffel, Greeny’s or

*Available in Lotion, Gel, Quick Dry Spray, and Sport Stick, SPF 30+ to 50+, prices $16-36