Bawdy: Unapologetic Beauty for a Better Booty


There is nothing better than feeling confident and sexy in your own skin, and KDHamptons is obsessed with the brand that helps us do just that: BAWDY Beauty. This booty-focused brand is uniquely designed to help each of its customers connect with themselves and their bodies through ‘unapologetic self-care.’ Why not shake up the monotony of your typical beauty routine by bringing more fun to your self-care practices. Let’s shake it!

Here is a little Q&A with BAWDY Beauty’s founder, Sylwia Wiesenberg.


Why did you launch BAWDY Beauty?

I am BUTT OBSESSED! I was always focused on butt beauty. Since my 20s I had a beauty rule that whatever goes on my face, goes on my other cheeks. In 2016 I decided to create BAWDY, the process took over 2 years and in the summer 2018 I launched BAWDY, the butt beauty brand that focuses on butt and body. BAWDY uses only clean and potent ingredients and dirty imaginations to put some spank into self-care routines. I created BAWDY to free women, let them be, and enjoy any chance to get naked and level up their beauty narrative.


Which BAWDY Beauty product is your favorite and why? 

Of course BAWDY’s original Butt Masks as they are super easy to use, make me smile and shake my butt each time I apply it…I love doing them post workout shower, naked making my fresh peach – watermelon smoothie. For the naked summers, I use Super Tight serum. Its ultra light, super hydrating and nourishing, plus it keeps my body feeling tight. The Bawdy Oil is extra firming, and reminds me of sweet musky summers in The Hamptons (Amagansett has been my home for the past 20 years ). I cocoon my body at night to wake up feeling smooth and renewed.
Can BAWDY Beauty products be used as prevention for what they treat (dry skin, anti-aging, etc)?
I created each product based on my skin’s individual needs and how I want my body to feel and look – ageless. I passed the 40 mark and I feel like in my 20s, just more confident. Each product has its purpose, and lot of research goes into each formulation to make sure that it fully does what I wanted it to do. For example, The Bawdy Wash was created to save water, and reduce carbon foot print – it is a water activated formula safe for you and the ocean. The line is for everyone from teenager to women in 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s who still want to feel beautiful in their bodies.
Who are these products good for? 
Anyone who loves to have fun with beauty. Anyone who wants to get naked and flaunt it and any age…celebrating their beauty through elevated beauty fun.
BAWDY Beauty is available in all Everything But Water stores in the Hamptons.
— By Emmy Sammons