Looking for stunning flowers that are easy to grow in your own garden? Nestledown Dahlia flower farm owner Jillian Kubala recommends Dahlias. They are beautiful – full blooms that will add the perfect touch to any Hamptons garden this summer into the fall. “Our small backyard flower farm is located in the lovely town of Westhampton, NY. We grow more than 100 varieties of dahlias in a spectacular array of colors and forms,” says Jillian. This summer Jillian built this beautiful flower cart for customers to shop her blooms on the weekends. As soon as KDHamptons  saw it we knew it would be a perfect fit for the upcoming 2023 HOT LIST party we are cohosting with LUX LIFESTYLE magazine on August  5th.

Jillian shares, “Our property is a sanctuary for wildlife, such as bees, hummingbirds, songbirds, hawks, deer, and rabbits. We care deeply about the environment and do everything we can to minimize our impact on the earth and act as responsible stewards of the land. We do this by using completely organic, sustainable practices to manage our property and care for our crops.”

At Nestledown Dahlias, we do not use pesticides or herbicides of any kind. We use only leaf compost and occasional soil amendments like bone meal and blood meal to nourish our plants. When you purchase flowers from us, you can expect perfect blooms but can rest assured that you won’t be exposed to any potentially harmful contaminants.

Dahlias are a favorite amongst flower farmers and home gardeners alike, and for good reason. Not only are they productive and relatively easy to grow, but there are thousands of dahlia cultivars to choose from, each with a unique form and color. 

However, while every dahlia is beautiful, only some are suited for cutting. Certain dahlias have characteristics desired for cutting gardens, such as long, sturdy stems, while others are best suited for landscape use. Over my eight years of growing dahlias for top Hamptons floral designers and florists, I’ve narrowed down the most beautiful, unique, and productive varieties.

The following dahlias churn out bucketloads of blooms that are perfect for designing stunning arrangements throughout the summer and fall.

Jillian shares 13 of her favorite dahlia varieties for cutting gardens:

1. Miss Amara: 

Miss Amara is one of the most productive varieties on my farm. She’s a stunning peachy-yellow-colored formal decorative dahlia that produces 4-6’’ perfect blooms on long stems. Reminiscent of a fresh summer peach from the local farmstand, Miss Amara is the perfect choice for your summer cutting garden.


2. Peaches n’ Cream

To grow Peaches n’ Cream is to love her. This formal decorative dahlia is one of the most requested dahlias for wedding work and dreamy summer arrangements. Her 5’’ flowers have peachy-colored petals that fade to a light pink/white at the tips, and the effect is mesmerizing. Pair Peaches n’ Cream with baby pink and creamy-colored blooms to create an ultra-feminine table arrangement or bouquet.


3. Caitlyn’s Joy

It’s hard to describe the color of Caitlin’s Joy as it seems to change with every bloom. This ball dahlia has an almost iridescent glow and her 3-4’’ raspberry-purple flowers shimmer in the sunlight. Caitlyn’s Joy is highly productive, and her blooms add drama and energy to any arrangement. 


4. Café au Lait

This heavenly bloom is the definition of elegance. Café au Lait is an informal decorative dahlia that produces large, 8-10’’ flowers that range from buff to pastel pink with centers often surrounded by small, curly petals. No two flowers are the same, with some taking on a more wild and whimsical petal structure than others. Hands down, there’s nothing prettier than a bouquet of freshly cut Café au Lait. 


5. 20th Avenue Memory

If you love soft pink colors, then 20th Ave Gwen is the dahlia for you. This productive ball dahlia throws the sweetest, 3’’ candy-pink blooms that look magical in any arrangement. 20th Ave Gwen is hard to find, but if you can get your hands on this variety, you won’t be disappointed with its enchanting blooms.


6. Hapet Champagne 

Hapet Champagne is a lancinated, peachy-colored dahlia with a creamy center. The flowers ride atop long stems that are ideal for cutting. Pair these unique 5’’ blooms with other soft colors, like soft yellows and creamy whites, and flickering candles for a show-stopping table arrangement. 


7. Parkland Tribute 

Parkland Tribute is a deep coral-colored formal decorative dahlia that churns out lovely 3’’ blooms on long stems. The flowers have an almost matte appearance and ombre color that’s unlike any dahlia I’ve ever grown. Parkland Tribute is an excellent cut flower that can be used to add a pop of color to summer and fall tablescapes.


8. Snoho Doris 

Snoho Doris is a must-grow if you want a productive cutting garden. This uniquely-colored ball dahlia is one of the most dependable varieties, producing buckets of uniquely-colored, perfectly formed 4-5’’ blooms all season long. The flowers are a stunning mix of peach, yellow, and apricot, that’s reminiscent of a perfect Hamptons sunset. 


9. Bloomquist Pleasing 

One of the best things about dahlias is that they pump out blooms up until the first frost, meaning that you can have dahlias throughout the fall. When the weather turns a bit chilly, and you break out your first cozy fall sweater, Bloomquist Pleasing is the dahlia you need to fill your home with fall colors. This informal decorative dahlia produces 5’’ blooms ranging in color from terracotta to pumpkin orange that make a stunning addition to fall arrangements. 


10. Polka

Polka is one of the most interesting and charming dahlias I’ve ever grown. The 4’’ flowers on this anemone variety have massive, cartoon-like centers that are beloved by pollinators and gardeners alike. Polka’s creamy petals and long stems make it a perfect flower for designing rustic Hamptons-style arrangements that are sure to please even the most discerning host or hostess.  


11. Diva 

If you like a bit of drama in your garden, then Diva is the dahlia for you. Diva’s massive 6’’ blooms have petals with a velvet-like look and feel. Her deep purple-colored flowers pair well with both light and darker-hued blooms in arrangements. Try mixing a few Diva blooms with wispy foliage to set the perfect scene for an intimate dinner party.


12. Blyton Softer Gleam

Blyton Softer Gleam is like sunshine on a stem. This exquisite ball dahlia is a true masterpiece and a must-grow for Hamptons cutting gardens. Unlike many yellow dahlias, Blyton Softer Gleam has a soft, honey/gold color that doesn’t overpower other blooms in summer arrangements. Its petals have an almost succulent-like appearance that brings texture and interest to the garden.


13. Cornel Bronze

Cornell Bronze is one of the most productive ball varieties you can grow. This dahlia is a true bronze color that can be used in bouquets and arrangements throughout the summer and fall months. Cornell Bronze has long stems perfect for cutting and the blooms are long-lasting in the vase. A must-grow for any dahlia enthusiast.

For more about dahlias and to contact Jillian Kubala visit here!

Nestle Down Dahlia Farm is located at 38 S Country Rd, Westhampton, NY 11977

Images Provided By: Jillian Kubala

Written By: Jillian Kubala