VOLLEY: A Spiked Seltzer for Tequila Lovers is Finally Here!


Vodka-soda canned drinks have taken over store shelves and bars as the craze continues to grow this summer, and tequila drinkers finally have an option suitable for their own taste. Volley is this summer’s newest high quality 100% blue agave tequila-based seltzer shaking up the ready-to-drink category.

After successfully creating delicious mixers with American Cocktail Company, husband and wife duo Christopher Wirth and Camila Soriano set out on a journey to transform the hard seltzer category and develop the first clean tequila seltzer made with the best ingredients. The result: Volley, the ready-to-drink tequila beverage made perfect for doing things​.​ By putting your favorite tequila soda in a can, Volley is giving you the perfect grab-and-go beverage for any outing—from beaches to backyards.

As the first clean, tequila seltzer on the market, Volley has completely eliminated commonly-used fake sugars, natural flavorings, essences and corn syrup (most other canned offerings on the market tout having ‘natural flavors’ and fermented cane sugar as their alcohol base which can include up to 100 ingredients). Mixed with 100% organic fruit juice never from concentrate, Volley is now available in four ​flavors: Zesty Lime​,​ Spicy Ginger​, ​Sharp Grapefruit​ and ​Tropical Mango​.

Volley embodies its can-do minded values to outdoor sustainability through a proud partnership with ​Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics​, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the outdoors. This summer, Volley will fund outdoor educational events and clean-ups of public spaces around the United States.

Best enjoyed chilled and from the can, Volley’s tantalizing Tequila-forward seltzer (10.5 proof (5.25% ABV)) is free of gluten and added sugar, and has fewer calories than vodka, at only ​100-110 calories per can​. When you vow to drink Volley, you are confirming you are a believer of: Good, clean fun!

Volley is currently available for purchase in a ​four can variety-pack or single flavor four-pack for $11.99​ in store or​ ​$13.99 ​online, o​r individually at ​$3.00 per 355ml can​. It can be found in New York, New Jersey, and Florida markets and can be shipped online nationwide!

​For more information on Volley and their new line of wholesome tequila seltzers, visit DrinkVolley.com​ or follow on Instagram and Facebook at @DrinkVolley.

 -By Taylor LaMantia