The Top 5 Plant-Powered Remedies You Need To Survive Summer


It’s just about time for the season of rosé, travel, and some much needed sun to kick-off. But we all know these things can come with hangovers, fatigue, & skin damage when you indulge a little too much. So how to alleviate these costs? KDHamptons shares our Top 5 Favorite plant-powered remedies from Well Told Health below.

Well Told Health plant-powered remedies

Face the Day Powder 

Face the day after, whatever you did the night before! This plant-based liver detox and antioxidant after party support is made of organic prickly pear, organic ginger, organic cranberries, and organic milk thistle. Mix 1 tablespoon daily into water, juice, smoothie, or other beverage to relieve discomfort resulting from what you ate or drank the night or day before, to soothe indigestion and stomach upset, or to support your liver detox. 

Skin Nourisher 

Nourish the skin on a cellular level and enhance a healthy response to the effects of the sun on the skin with this wellness booster, made of organic cranberries, organic broken cell chlorella, organic Sicilian blood orange, vegan capsule shells, and nothing else! Take it to enhance the body’s natural anti-aging responses to toxins and free radicals that wreak havoc on your skin and cause it to prematurely age, especially if you are concerned about sun spots, freckles, and other discoloration and if you enjoy spending time outside. 

Energy Booster 

This plant-powered energy booster provides clean, sustained energy with no jitters and no crash for whenever and wherever you need it the most (comes in bottle and travel size!). Like every other remedy, Well Told’s energy booster is made of only plants! Take this formulation of organic rhodiola rosea, organic beets, organic maca, and organic matcha tea if you live with ongoing stress that causes mental fatigue, have a job that requires optimal cognitive function, or work out intensely.

Stir Up Your Immunity

To keep your immune system in play this summer, mix 1 teaspoon of Stir Up Your Immunity into your coffee or tea. This adaptogen blend is made of organic astragalus, organic chaga, organic reishi, and organic lion’s mane, which will enhance your body’s resistance to stress and fatigue and help maintain a healthy immune system.

Bloating Be Gone

If you need a digestion aid that offers relief from bloating and gas, this remedy will do the trick. Bloating Be Gone is only made of organic ginger, organic peppermint, and organic fennel, so if you experience gas or bloating after eating a large meal or after certain foods or if you experience less than optimal digestion due to stress, take 1 plant-based capsule to ease the discomfort.