The Top 5 Essential Items for Winter Surfing in the Hamptons

Hamptons surfer girl, Amy Linnen, riding a summer wave…

Top 5 Essential Items for Winter Surfing in the Hamptons By Amy Linnen & Michael Mason

Winter surfing in the Hamptons may not be glamorous, but if you’re locked and loaded with the right expert gear it can actually be a luxurious experience. KDHamptons asks hot surf couple Amy Linnen and Michael Mason to share their picks for the top five essential items they need to brave the winter surf on the East End.  Amy shares, “These essential items will not make you a better surfer, but they will definitely make your off-season surfing experience a lot more enjoyable.”   Be sure to follow Amy and Michael’s sea, sand, and sport adventures via Instagram @amylinnen

Amy hitting the beach in February with her custom designed board.

1. Surf Ponchos by Malo’o
Malo’o (Mal-oh-oh) means “dry” in Hawaiian. This Hawaiian based company started out with its signature wetsuit drying rack. From 2016, they have expanded and designed other products from dry bags to surf ponchos. They provide products that are durable, portable and the one factor I believe to be the most important, is the increase in one’s comfort level. This company is dedicated to helping outdoor adventurers. When it comes to surfing in the winter, changing in and out of wetsuit can be miserable. Unless you have a surf poncho. Malo’o makes some of the softest and stylish surf ponchos on the market. They can be used as a towel or a pull over. When worn as a pull over you can change inside this oversized hooded changing room. The poncho will keep you covered, warm and dry. Pair it with the Malo’o changing mat for ultimate refuge. The mat is 36” x 30” and made out of 4 mm neoprene. It is designed to keep you and your wetsuit protected from sharp objects, hot surfaces or in our case the snow. Check them out  here

2. Surf Wax by Sticky Bumps Wax
Sticky Bumps Wax is an essen*al item for winter surfing here in the Hamptons. It is a necessity and crucial to one’s success when surfing in the frigid winter condi*ons. Since 1971, Sticky Bumps Wax has been the leading choice in surf wax. Surfers around the world use this uniquely formulated wax to spread onto sur`oards. Sticky Bumps provides a variety of wax to choose from depending on water temperature. Choices range from Cold – 60 degrees and below to Hawaiian Tropical 80 degrees and above. Here in the Hamptons the Atlantic Ocean dips down to the low 40’s, high 30’s and with a basecoat and the cold rated wax you are sure to have plenty of grip on your board. More information and products can be found at or on instagram @stickybumpswax

3. Sun care by Vertra
Vertra is a premium sun care line originally designed for action sport athletes. However, since 2004 Vertra has con*nued to design high quality products that are suitable for any outdoor enthusiasts. Considering it is freezing here in the Hamptons during the winter months and we have limited sunlight, why is sunscreen so important? Vertra provides us with protection not only from the UV rays but also gives us a barrier of protection from the icy water. The face sticks are a proven product, not only for their smooth application, durability and comfort but for the fact that when geeng splashed or duck diving in numbing water it is not as shocking to the skin. It may not keep you from geeng cold but it does protect your skin from dehydra*ng and being exposed to some gnarly natural elements. As their slogan reads, “Elemental Resistance”. So whether you are soaking up the rays in the hot Hawaiian sun, skiing down the rocky mountains or surfing in the Hamptons year round, Vertra is your choice for sun care and skin protection. Visit Vertra on instagram @Vertra or their website and you can receive a 20% off discount on any full-priced item with code: AMYLOVESVERTRA (limit one per customer, cannot be combined with other coupon codes).

4. Travel Outfit by Aviator Nation
Aviator Nation is a California lifestyle brand inspired by the vibes and fashions of the 1970s. Since traveling has been put on hold for some of us, we are turning to staycations. However, this does not mean you need to sacrifice style when going to and from the beach. These handmade garments are made in California and designed by founder Paige Mycoskie. Her goal is to unite a tribe of individuals through fashion and bring us back to a time when music, surfing and love for community defined us. Currently, the Hamptons does not host a brick and mortar store, however maybe it is in the works. The next best place to visit is their instagram and website. @aviatornation or

5. Neoprene Wetsuits
One of the most essential items for surfing in the winter is having a neoprene wetsuit with a hood, gloves and booties. Neoprene, is measured by millimeters in thickness. It is recommended during the months of December to March to wear a wetsuit that is 5 mm thick. Gloves and booties range from 3 to 8 millimeters in thickness. Depending on your tolerance to the cold, you can customize your fit. In the coldest of conditions a 5 mm wetsuit, 7 mm boots and gloves will be sure to keep you toasty for a couple of hours of surfing. You can find a variety of brands and styles of wetsuits at any of the local Hamptons surf shops. Pictured above is the Billabong Women’s 5/4mm Furnace Comp chest zip hooded wetsuit and the O’Neill mens 5.5/4 mm Psycho.

Here’s my list of the best surf shops from Westhampton Beach to Montauk:
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**Written and photographed by Amy Linnen & Michael Mason