The Three Best New York Comedy Clubs To Make You Howl with Laughter


KDHamptons LOVES a great night at a snarky comedy club. New Yorkers sure do love to laugh. They may be stereotyped as being grumpy and intolerant, but New York is also undisputedly the capital of comedy. In fact, New York’s grumpiness is vital to its comedy scene. After a hard day of work, New Yorkers love nothing more than seeing themself mocked on stage and being entertained.

Luckily, you’re never far from a house of hilarity in the 5 boroughs. Some places are always dedicated to comedy, and others have frequent comedy nights. All are bound to make you die with laughter. Below are the New York comedy clubs that will best serve the purpose by TopView Sightseeing. Who knows, you might see the next Jerry Seinfeld or Tina Fey doing their first gig.

Upright Citizens Brigade East Village: No list of comedy clubs in New York is complete without mentioning the UCB venues. Every day, they have a range of improv shows, stand up events, and anything related to comedy hosted in their theaters. Both world famous comedians and up and coming artists regularly perform at UCB, meaning you’re sure to be in for a great time. Even better, their tickets are always affordable. They never charge more than $12 a show, and many are even free! Just be sure to claim your ticket well in advance. As you can imagine, they sell out fast!

They have two locations in Manhattan, one in Hell’s Kitchen, and one in the East Village. Both are great and have their own charms. However, there are a few obvious advantages to the East Village venue. It’s bound to be less crowded, and it has an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.

The Grisly Pear: Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village is packed with a range of fantastic comedy clubs. The Grisly Pear wins for a couple of reasons. It’s super easy to get access to a show, and sometimes they’ll give away free alcoholic drinks to patrons! Their comedians tend to be on the talented amateur side, so expect to have at least one awkward moment every show. However, to many, a visit to a comedy club isn’t complete until you’ve seen one truly terrible comic. In fact, it’s practically an initiation to the comedy scene!

Apollo Theater Harlem: The Apollo Theater is legendary. Many great African American musicians cut their teeth here. Billie Holiday, Jimi Hendrix, The Jackson 5, and Diana Ross are just a few. However, it’s also famous for its amateur comedy nights. If you’re wary of attending something with lots of amateur comedians, then The Apollo’s staff has the answer. If a comedian is doing badly, they are chased off the stage. Sometimes, an emcee will dress as an executioner with a broom; other times, the comedian will be forced away by someone brandishing a toy gun. It’s a unique experience for the audience and the performers!

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