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NEW KDHamptons Travel Diary: My Annual Arabian Adventure To Abu Dhabi

Kelli Delaney Kot

      Salaam-Alaikum [peace be unto you]! KDH recently returned from my annual trip to the United Arab Emirates to visit my sister Kim, who lives in Abu Dhabi with her husband Steve and my 5- year old godson, Brady.   As one snow ...

NEW KDHamptons Travel Diary: Jump on a Camel & Join Me for an Arabian Adventure in Abu Dhabi!

Kelli Delaney

    Hi KDHamptons Readers! Salaam-Alaikum from Abu Dhabi [peace be unto you]!   I am in the UAE on my annual visit to see my sister Kim, who lives in Abu Dhabi with my adorable godson, Brady, and her handsome husband Steve. As ...

KDH Abu Dhabi Photo Diary: Want To See My “Typical” Day Here?

Even on my fifth morning, I'm still kicking my jet lag~ but the jolt I am about to receive could wake a sleeping bear.

Hello KDH readers! Thought I'd share another update from my trip to Abu Dhabi. The weather here is pretty much perfect~ sunshine, blue skies, and in the 70's. Do you have a case of wanderlust, too? Here's a little bit about Abu Dhabi ...

KDH Art Spotlight: Check Out These Incredible Balancing Sculptures By Jerzy “Jotka” Kedziora In Abu Dhabi!

KDH Abu Dhabi

  KDH went to check out The Balancing Sculptures by Jotka: an installation on display now at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The sculptures amuse and attract, but above all.....they balance! Suspended between horizontal and vertical lines, they blend in with the ...

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Beautiful spot !


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Fabulous !

Cheyne de Sousa

2014-02-05 11:21:38
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Happy Bowls is awesome, i just wish it were open year round because i could really use one right now! ...


2014-02-04 19:57:54
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Sweet Popeye... What a happy ending. Great job getting the word out. His new mom is an angel.


2014-01-31 18:19:12
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God bless this woman for taking Popeye into a nice home !