Check out my latest new obsessions! The Liddle Speaker, a sleek new magnetic bluetooth speaker that sticks on anything. It boasts a 360-degree surround sound and features a proprietary bass technology delivering a unique listening experience to users – and it is water-resistant and dust-proof – perfect for use on the golf course, by the pool, or even on the beach. The Liddle Speaker has a built-in magnet that can magnetically attach to your refrigerator, car, tool box or any metal surface. It can also attach right to the qi2 magsafe charging area of a phone or phone case, turning it into a kickstand. The Liddle Speaker can also attach to wood, plastic and glass surfaces with the self-adhesive metal rings included in the packaging. The portable speaker is perfect for Audible Books, Music and Movies. Connect the Liddle Speaker with any “Bluetooth” wireless device, iPhone, Android, computer, etc.   Purchase HERE $24.99

Dan Cass, also known as “Inventor Danny”, is the President of D3 Products. D3 Products is a leader in innovative, space-saving products that disrupt the market. D3 Products was named one of the 10 hottest start-ups at the 2020 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and won the ibt award at CES in 2022. The company was awarded multiple patents for its engineering and design capabilities utilizing patented Intellectual Properties (IP) in consumer electronics.


And amplify your good times with the LumiChill portable speaker ice bucket – the perfect accessory for the pool, patio, picnics, golf carts, or the beach. Available at $44, purchase HERE.

Portable Collapsible Ice bucket -Cooler for Wine, soda, drinks with built In wireless speaker-Party LED lights by Lumi Chill.