KDHamptons fun fashion alert! We’re loving all of the charming summer accessories at the East Hampton Stoney Clover Lane store,  a brightly decorated boutique that perfectly matches its colorful lifestyle and accessories, including customizable weekender bags. 83 Main St., East Hampton. Your shopping staple for customizable accessories, Stoney Clover makes for the most useful gifts for friends (or for yourself 😊). Watch our in-store REEL.

Sister Act: Stoney Clover Lane
Founders Kendall and Libby Glazer

Sister duo Kendall and Libby Glazer founded Stoney Clover Lane in 2009 with a line of colorful bracelets that quickly became a must-have for Hollywood celebs and other A-listers from Miley Cyrus to John Mayer. The sisters were inspired by their jet-set lifestyle to reimagine travel, customization, and organization. Their stuff is so cute it might just motivate us to organize.

 Shop around the crayon box colored store and then you find your bag and patches to be added on. The bag variations are large, medium, and small pouches (starting at $68), as well as pencil cases (starting at $48) . Stoney Clover Lane also has open tops (starting at $98) in small and large. Not to mention the large section of on-the-go travel backpacks and duffle bags.


The never-ending patches wall is everything! There a patches for different Hamptons towns and iconic spots.  After you define your dream bag you walk it over to have the patches sewn on at the workshop bar.

Upgrade your travelwear and everyday accessories and shop SCL exclusives HERE and at the Palm Beach or East Hampton flagships.

Stoney Clover Lane
83 Main Street
East Hampton NY 11937

By Lucie Lott