The Hamptons has seen a major uptick in fashion events this summer (from parties hosted by Gucci to Tod’s to Net-a-Porter), but not every gathering has been a see-and-be-seen affair. This week, Sollis Health and the Yinova Center hosted more of a talk-and-be-heard luncheon. Sollis Health is a members-only 24/7 medical concierge service with state-of-the-art centers in New York, Los Angeles, the Hamptons, Miami and soon Palm Beach.

The event took place at the Southampton home of Olympia Rizzo, the Director of Brand Experience at Sollis. Women including Mary Alice Stephenson, Lauren Berson Sugarman, Julia Amory, April Christina and Erica Karsch, gathered to eat a mostly-vegan, fertility-focused meal with non-alcoholic Peach Blackberry mimosas to discuss the anxieties women face around pregnancy, parenthood, menopause and everything in between.

The conversation, which included panelists Dr. Brian Levine of CCRM Fertility, Mary Tate of Tate Psychotherapy, Dr. Daryl Thuroff of Yinova Center, Dr. Karen Duncan of NYU Langone, and Stacy London, founder of State of Menopause, was moderated by Sabine Heller, CCO of Sollis. Key discussion points included how to advocate for your pain from a doctor’s perspective as well as destigmatising menopause miscarriage and bodily shame. This summer, Sollis opened a pop-up clinic in nearby Water Mill.

Here’s a quick recap of the event:

Hosts:  Julia Amory, Lily Tanger, Clarita Fodor, Sulaika Zarrouk, Stacy London, Sari Gueron, Dria Murphy, Florinka Pesenti, Sarina Sanandaji, Olympia Rizzo

Panelists: Dr. Daryl Thuroff of the Yinova Center,   Dr. Brian Levine Founding Partner of CCRM Fertility, Dr. Karen Duncan the Assistant Professor, Department of OBGYN NYU Langone, Mary Tate of Tate Psychotherapy. The conversation was moderated by Sollis Health CCO, Sabine Heller. Notable Guests: Mary Alice Stephenson, April Christina, Lauren Berson Sugarman, Erica Tuft Karsch

Menu Provided by Daily Dose: Yinova/Daily Dose fertility focused meal-plan items included NY Bagel Brunch (Black Sesame Almond Meal Bagels, Scallion Cashew Cream Cheeze, Goji Nigella Cashew Cheeze, Smoked Wild Salmon, Heirloom Tomatoes, Turmeric Kraut, Berry Salad). And Kin to Turmeric Peach Blackberry Non Alcoholic Bellinis (tbc by Tricia), and House of Waris tea.