Ready, Set, Reboot at Rancho La Puerta: How to Become The Best NEW YOU In Just One Week


Nearly two decades ago I discovered Rancho La Puerta in Tecate Mexico, a destination spa resort which would become my go-to game changer for whenever I need to reboot my wellness, health, and fitness regime. “The Ranch” is not a spa where guests idle around in white puffy robes with cucumber covered eyes. This is a retreat for super active people who want to dive into an intense week of hiking, fitness classes, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, as well as enjoy indulgences including: a four-star organic chef, a spa sanctuary incorporating medicinal herbs and healing plants, immaculate manicured gardens, and charming casitas to nest in after a full day of transformative activities.  After my most recent visit, I wrote a travel diary for my Memorial Day column in Hamptons magazine (below).

Founded in 1940, by spa pioneers Edmond and Deborah Szekely, Rancho La Puerta draws guests to its glorious 3,000 private acres of gardens, mountains and meadows in Baja California, Mexico. An admitted spa fanatic, I find their fitness program unmatched – with a staff of over 20 full time instructors, and a choice of five different classes offered EVERY hour on the hour from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. After twelve trips to The Ranch I’ve carved out my perfect recipe for fast, healthy, and FUN weight loss as well as a mind/body reset in just one week.

Daily Dose: My days begin with a 6am hike ascending Mount Kuchumaa [over 25 miles of trails offered]. Choose from four different levels of breathtaking hikes each day, followed by a varied schedule of classes, including: Pilates, yoga, circuit training, strength training, water sports, spinning, meditation, tennis, and more. Sound exhausting? It is… the BEST way! When you need a break, escape to one of three tranquil spa centers where you will be pampered back to a blissful state.

Watsu Aquatic Massage Therapy: Water-based bodywork performed in a 96′ heated pool [the temp in the womb] which allows the spine to move in ways that are impossible on land, allowing for deep healing, and an out of body experience as you glide through the water like a mermaid.

Healthy Cooking Class at La Cocina Que Canta: the Ranch’s state of the art kitchen is sited in the middle of their rolling organic gardens. After a meandering hike out to the gardens, pull your vegetables from the ground and learn how to prepare easy, delicious farm to table recipes to take home with you.

Early To Bed: Chill in your cozy casita where your fireplace has already been lit, and map out your next days schedule. [Tip: For quicker muscle recovery, book a deep tissue massage every night before bedtime.]

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