RAINRAPS: Add a Little Style to a Rainy Day!

Sick of these rainy Hamptons days ruining your hair? Us too! Spruce up your style and protect your locks with RAINRAPS! This great and adorable product began with a simple idea on a rainy day. Founder Stacy Struminger, a New Yorker transplanted to Richmond, VA, had long seen the need for a more stylish, lightweight, water repellent accessory in the often wet and humid Richmond climate… and of course, RAINRAPS are perfect for any humid Hamptons day, too!

Photo by Lucie Lott
In the spring of 2011, a week long rainstorm left Stacy frustrated by the lack of a fashionable, waterproof garment in her wardrobe. Searching her coat closet in vain, Stacy had the inspiration for a water repellent wrap that was not only utilitarian but also stylish.  Sharing her idea with her best friend, Rachel Teyssier, they decided together to make the vision a reality.  Hence, a revolution in the development of fashionable water repellent outerwear began and RAINRAPS was developed.

Stacy Struminge (above, left), founder & president.

Rachel Teyssier (above, left), co-founder & vice president.

— By Emmy Sammons