Party Diary: National Rosé Day presented by Chateau de Berne


Summer in the Hamptons means many things, but more and more it is associated with a certain rosy hue. This past Saturday was National Rosé Day and I wholeheartedly celebrated the holiday at The Rose Topping House. I put on a festive pink outfit, sipped Chateau de Berne with cool people, and learned about rosé!

Guests tasted four rosé’s in order: romance, inspiration, ultimate, and provence. Jon McDaniel, owner of Second City Soil, explained to me exactly how each bottle increases in boldness. You would drink the first rosé on your yacht, and the rosé’s get bigger and bolder as you steep the rosé for longer. Black-skinned grapes are crushed and the skins are allowed to remain in contact with the juice for a short period, typically two to twenty hours. The more you know!

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Nicole Rosé, also known as Nicole Rose Stillings, is an entrepreneur, music director and  DJ.  Rosé focuses on creating good vibes only. Her style has been dubbed “glam house.”  Recently working with Fast Company, Cornell University and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, she helps build mixes and playlists that make people feel alive. She showed me her Rosé Rockers, which launched this year at Coachella. A must have for the summer. Check out her rose headphones here! “High sound quality engineered for the female ear at a price you can afford. Look fresh while you listen. Rose for our flirty girls.”

–by Willa O’Connor