Parrish Art Museum Hosts Inaugural "Canvas & Cuisine" Event

Joey Wölffer, Aliya LeeKong, Angie Mar

On Sunday, May 26, the Parrish Art Museum hosted “Canvas & Cuisine,” an exclusive benefit event celebrating the exhibition The Art of Food: From the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation, merging culinary art and visual art to support the Museum’s key cultural and educational initiatives.

An extraordinary evening of dining and artistic inspiration, featuring a remarkable menu by the renowned Chef Angie Mar of Le B., complemented by an exquisite selection of private collection wines from Sotheby’s and Wölffer Estate.

Hosts Joey Wolffer and Aliya LeeKong welcomed guests to a sublime evening set in the Meadow of the Parrish Art Museum, surrounded by glittering lights with the fog rolling in—a beautiful backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

Claudia Saez-Fromm, Mark Fromm

Aliya LeeKong

Emily Onkey, Joey Wölffer, Max Rohn

“Canvas & Cuisine” is the Parrish Art Museum’s premier and inaugural Memorial Day event, fusing art, culture, and gastronomy. Chef Angie Mar, renowned for her innovative culinary creations at Le B., crafted an exclusive menu inspired by her signature definition of “Americana,” exploring the rich tapestry of cultures that define contemporary American cuisine.

This year’s dinner featured an all-female team, reflecting the Museum’s commitment to diversity and women. Chef Angie Mar led the culinary journey, while wine experts Vanessa Conlin from Sotheby’s and Joey Wölffer from Wölffer Estate Vineyard presented a private collection of wines, promising an extra layer of sophistication to the evening.

The décor and table setting were designed by Arthur Golabek of East Hampton.

Mary Snow
Brittany Eger, Marguerite Girandola
Mike Muse, Aren LeeKong
Catherine Holstein
Yanina Spivack, Corinne Erni, Nina Sarin
Rebecca Allen
Linda Stocknoff, Maury Sandler

The Art of Food exhibition at the Parrish focuses on food as an essential cultural component that builds communities and fortifies human relationships. More than one hundred drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and ceramics by thirty-seven artists from the Jordan Schnitzer Foundation are exhibited.

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Photos by Carl Timpone/

Words by KDHamptons contributor, Brittany Eger