Nutrafol Hosts End of Summer Wellness Getaway in Montauk



Nutrafol hosted an end of summer Montauk Getaway with wellness agency, The Ari Life, inviting a diverse mix of influencers and editors to be a part of an intimate group to explore connection through an interactive getaway at the Hero Beach Club in Montauk. Nutrafol created a line of hair growth products that aim to offer personalized, natural solutions for hair growth and health made with 100% drug-free, medical-grade ingredients.

The retreat was centered around supporting women’s hormonal imbalance during menopause by changing the dialogue of menopause from fear/taboo to a place of empowerment through spiritual growth, intimate conversations, and powerful women.


Nutrafol co founder Giorgos Tsetis shares,”It started with three people experiencing the same thinning hair stories as millions of others. Each of us had been through the existing “solutions” and were dissatisfied. Well, it’s more truthful to say that we were freaking out. On one hand, there were harsh drugs with scary side effects. On the other, generic vitamins with little quantifiable research. We knew that we could create a natural solution that would strike a balance between safety and efficacy.”

Nutrafol’s naturopathic doctor, Dr. Tess Marshall hosted a Balance Brunch and educated guests around Balance and hair wellness in a very direct and simple way, showing that Nutrafol owns the conversation.