New York's Best Fitness Instructors + Foodies Workshop At The Treehouse Retreat In Amagansett



The Treehouse retreats are an exciting new concept happening this summer in Amagansett. The events are intimate, women only retreats with a maximum of 6 guests and provide workshops with some of New York’s best fitness instructors and foodies.  Treehouse retreats founder, Heather Cox (below), shares, “Wherever I am in the world, I always come back to food and the importance of having access to fresh, REAL produce. It makes or breaks my travels. I don’t care if it’s rice and veg in India, or a 10 course degustation menu in France. Everyone deserves access to fresh, local, organic produce. It’s the way nature intended.”

Heather Cox

The Treehouse retreats are all about learning how to live a clean, easy lifestyle, without being extreme. Focusing on sustainability and balance using locally sourced, seasonal, REAL food, Treehouse retreats create delicious, healthy, nourishing meals and use the natural surroundings of the woods to create an environment for movement and relaxation.



Smashed peas + mint on toast, salads made from local organic produce and locally caught fish on the BBQ, even a glass of local wine or two if that’s what you desire.  The Treehouse is not about putting restrictions on yourself but enjoying the simple things in life, consciously.


Yoga, paddle boarding, surfing and tennis are all on the menu, or just sleep in if that’s what you need. Every retreat and workshop will be different and tailored just for you.  The Treehouse is located only five minutes away from bay and ocean beaches, nature trails, farm stands and the centre of town in Amagansett.




Here’s the details on the next scheduled retreat: 

SOUL RETRIEVAL CEREMONY with Maggie Harrsen on Monday July 27th & Tuesday July 28th. [Option 1: 2 day ceremony with lunch only $560; Option 2: 2 day ceremony plus 2 nights accommodation and 3 meals daily $1050]

A relaxing 2-day ceremonial class/retreat for those who feel called to open into the deep healing of their soul and nourish their body with the healing foods of Mother Earth. A sacred circle of six women, representing the six directions – South, West, North, East, Below (Pachamama) and Above (Cosmos).  Learn about the native ceremony of soul retrieval and remember our birthright. Each individual will receive a Soul Retrieval Ceremony and Soul Remembering. Together guests will explore their inner garden as the heartbeat of Mother Earth takes them into an altered state on a Shamanic Drum Journey. Through this newfound wisdom and expanded perception, one can release the past through the creation of a driftwood Talisman and plant seeds that represent the flowers – of the heart, dreams, visions, and spirit.


Soul retrieval is an individual ceremony to call back soul pieces that have left us and traveled to Pachamama for protection. It is believed that when we suffer shock from an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul, our light essence, flees the body in order to survive the experience. This ceremony is for individuals who seek to live in wholeness and spiritual harmony, to live in alignment with their souls path and remember the gifts they were born with.


Maggie Harrsen is a Shamanic Practitioner (a modern day medicine woman & ceremonialist) inspiring beings to uncover their true nature and supporting them in a lifestyle of harmony and in rhythm with Pachamama, Mother Earth. She was initiated into the Andean Path as a Kuraq Akulleq, a 4th level Andean wisdomkeeper, in the Inka tradition and is a Mesa carrier of the Q’ero lineage of the Andes.

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