NEW PIX: Last Summer Surf Days at Ditch Plains in Montauk!




KDH and Doc hit Ditch Plains in Montauk on Sunday to squeeze in some last summer days of sun, surf, and swim...As usual the beach was packed with locals, serious surfer boys and girls, a few small Euro crews, and the usual weekend warrior “suits” from the city who fantasize about living like Keanu in Point Break…


Taking in the scene on the sand at Ditch is as much fun as watching the surfers battle each other to catch~which can sometimes be~ only 2 or 3 waves over a two hour span! The Players: Longboarders vs. paddleboarders vs. kayakers vs. local legends vs. rookie tourists…….the list of contenders for catching waves goes on and on, and can play out dramatically when the unspoken Ditch hierarchy is challenged. Who needs reality TV when you throw on a bikini, grab the best summer munchies at the Ditch Witch, and sit at a picture perfect beach being entertained for hours?


If you have gone back to the post-Labor Day “real world”, I hope you enjoy my photos & feel like you haven’t totally left the beach just yet….



Doc wetsuits up!


The legendary Ditch Witch food truck


The packed pool look like buoys bobbing while they wait for waves...


No Sunscreen Allowed


Can I paddle out past these rocks?


Cutest couple on the beach! No wetsuit for this stud!




In surf speak, Ditch is described as such: “This mushy left with its workable wall and longer rides is a favored longboard spot. Occasional steeper rights, plus a few faster lefts further to the east. Between Ditch and the lighthouse, there are some more rocky reef spots, which require a long walk. Main hazards: absolutely always crowded, with some large rocks in the line-up to the east.”




Ditch Dog



My favorite little house on the beach


Smooth ride buddy!


Great views....


Little guy watching the big boys battle the surf..



Clearly Euro imports, my bet would be of the German variety



Beach Baby


Bruce Weber where are you? Surf camp is waiting for you to come shoot...


Surfer girls are my fav to shoot..








So Long SUMMER 2012!!!!