NEW PARTY PIX: How to Throw A Sophisticated Summer Dance Party!

What better way to unleash all your post pandemic energy than with a dance party? Actress, producer, and Pink Wisdom founder Alison Chace (above) recently hosted a flirty summer shindig in Quogue and shares her tips for throwing your own memorable, all-out affair, one that will get your friends moving and shaking again.
* Set the tone with a playful invitation: Chace’s invite for her summer bash, featuring a fun retro design, issued guests a challenge:  “Dance Like You’ve Got Ants in Your Pants.” And her attendees—a diverse age group with everyone from college students to retired Wall Street bankers—accepted.
* Plan the flow in advance—and mix up the energy during the festivities:Set the tone before and after the gathering, and your guests will follow suit. Chace, who’s no stranger to hosting legendary parties with a personalized touch, drew on her acting background to craft a seamlessly flowing soirée. Coming off a booking spree with roles on Law & Order, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, and Dear Edward, Chace utilized theater performance techniques and improv games to keep the night running smoothly. Playing musical chairs between dinner and dessert switched up the energy, enabling guests to interact with new friends. Alison brings this same spirit of play and thoughtfulness to all of her events; at the Quogue party, she added touches like goody bags containing monogrammed notepads.
Chace also enlisted comedian and writer Kate Robards, gearing up for her one-woman show “Ain’t That Rich” at The SoHo Playhouse, to emcee. Robards cultivated a lively atmosphere with humor, lighthearted roasting, and group bonding games.
* Food first! Guests need fuel, so start with exquisite bites and beverages. Chef Mike Artist of Artist Dining catered the dance party, providing a sit-down dinner for thirty. The tongue-in-cheek three-course menu included dishes with saucy sobriquets like Sexy Shrimp and Pussy Peaches for appetizers; Chicken Lickin’, Raunchy Rice, and Cockumber Salad for the main course, followed by Tittymisu for dessert. Creative consultant Katherine O’Brien arranged the table decor, including an intimate spread of candlelight and minimalist, single-stem flower arrangements.
* Alcohol is no longer the default—think outside the box with drinks: While Chace offered frozen margaritas for guests as a refresher after sweating it out on the dance floor, she noted that several attendees have chosen to be sober for the summer, proving fun is truly a state of mind. The shindig featured drinks from Brooklyn-based dry mixology company Boisson, rep’d by O’Brien, for the sober and sober-curious.
* And don’t forget music inspiring guests to hit the dance floor! After long months confined inside, guests may need a few extra beats to get up and out of their chairs. Live music is just the ticket, like that from NOIZ Entertainment, a renowned band on the club circuit playing classic pop, R&B, hip hop, and dance hits. NOIZ provided a seven-piece dance band for the night and three soul singers. Actress and singer Lucie Fleming also sang “Angel From Montgomery,” “You’re No Good,” and “Wild Horses.” It wasn’t too long before tapping feet gave way to enthusiastic shimmying—our spies report some guests dancing for an hour and a half straight!
Ultimately, Chace’s party ingredients sound deceptively simple, but put some thought and effort behind her tips and you’ll concoct an unforgettable celebration to kick off a jubilant summer.  She  shares, “You need a level of elegance, yet something totally unpredictable in the atmosphere. There should be yummy food offered by servers and bartenders who meet the guest’s needs. Live music is a must, as is a group of people who bring the right energy.” With a little preparation and a whole lot of fun, your summer dance party will hit all the right notes.