NEW KDHamptons Travel Diary: A Trip To Nantucket With Michael Gianelli of East Hampton Gardens

Michael Gianelli, owner of East Hampton Gardens

After a very busy summer season I was ready for a little peace and quiet.  My partner Greg Shano is working on a design project up in Nantucket and had client meetings and a walk through of the new house with the architects.  Since he had to be up in Nantucket I thought why not join him.  While he was busy working I strolled the island roads on my way to Millies out in Madaket where the project is located.  Along the way the smell of the Autumn Clematis was every where and the natural surroundings were incredible. Everywhere you looked was yet another perfect photo.

Once at Millies, an island institution where Mr. Rodgers would lunch, I made myself comfortable at the bar with seriously the nicest bartender ever.  I ordered up the mexican corn and a shrimp and mango quesadilla and a diet coke to wash it all down. Without a doubt one of the best lunches on the island.  Taking an uber on Nantucket is a bit different then NYC.  The suburu forester pulled up after about 15 minutes , Nantucket time, the app said 5 minutes away………and I made my way into town.

We stayed at the Anchor Inn (above) which has been acquired by the magnificent Greydon House.  Our adorable cottage was behind the main house with 2 bedrooms, a beautiful kitchen and living area.  The back terrace was perfect with a table and chairs where I had coffee the next morning and watched the bunnies playing. After cocktails we headed over to the Greydon House restaurant for dinner.  Ok not for anything but Mathew our waiter was beyond friendly and just a bit flirty with the entire table.  The food was delicious and Mathew earned his huge tip!  After it was over to the Juice Bar for ice cream!  Strawberry chocolate chunk and Almond Joy in a waffle cone was just what I needed!  Mathew jokingly asked for a chocolate milkshake. You should felt the hug I got once we delivered it!  He lit up like the Empire State building.

Shopping in town and navigating the cobble stone streets took up our entire Saturday!  Murray’s  Toggery for sweaters and a new pair of reds, Nantucket looms for the most amazing hand woven throws and blankets which I really should carry at East Hampton Gardens! Flowers on Chestnut is so inspirational and beautiful I spent most of my time wondering the garden outside.  The hospital thrift shop is where my friends scored some great finds!  The Bean and Roasted for coffee to keep us going until cocktails and dinner.  Ventuno , which took over 21 Federal’s spot , was perfect.  We were seated in the upstairs bar area which was much quieter then the rest of the space which is an old house.  Beautiful inside and out this meal was outstanding and landed at the top of our dining list!

If you’ve never been the Whaling museum it is really amazing.  Very interactive, not overwhelming in size and really educational.  The roof deck provides a 360 degree view of town.  The history of the island is fascinating.  Literally one of the richest and largest whaling communities in the world at its peak.  After the great fire which destroyed most of the town it was difficult for the town to recover.  Also petrol/oil was discovered out west and the demand for whale oil plummeted.  The Quakers that settled most of the town were frugal and incredibly wise with their money and rebuilt.  But the “silting of the harbor” prevented large whaling ships from entering and leaving the port and New Bedford with it’s deep water port took over as the whaling capital.

After the tour of the museum we took a drive to the picturesque village of Sconset where we did the quaint cliff walk and took in all the beauty of the cottages and gardens as well as the spectacular ocean views. Dinner at Cru is one of our Nantucket traditions and never disappoints.  And yes you guessed it……..back to the Juice Bar for ice cream.  This time it was peanut butter pie and almond joy in a waffle cone that was right off the press warm and delicious.  Nantucket is perfect for a long weekend and off season is the perfect time to go.  I’m actually ready for another trip just so I can go to the Juice Bar!!!!