NEW KDHamptons Travel Diary: Sophie Elgort Heads to Harbour Island!





KDH loves the work of hot young photographer Sophie Elgort. Not only is she the beautiful daughter of legendary Vogue lensman, Arthur Elgort, she is also a lifelong Southamptonite and cherishes her summers spent on majestic Meadow Lane. To prepare for her wild of week shooting the New York Fashion shows, Sophie heads to Harbour Island for some family fun in the sun. Check out Sophie’s KDHamptons Harbour Island Travel Diary below..…


The picture perfect beach on Harbour Island.



Do you think we forgot anything??



Sophie shares: “We arrived in Harbour Island with so much luggage we blocked the whole dock [above] – The Elgorts and the Michaelchecks, our very close family friends. Somehow with our golf carts, we transported our luggage to our homes for the week – India Hicks’ Guest House for the parents and their other place down nearer to the town, Kings Treat, for the “kids” [I fall under the category of “kids” on this trip and I turn 27 years old tomorrow].



Beach yoga: Handstands and the Crab pose!



Family Snorkle!




The Junkanoo Parade



We spent our days on the Pink Sands beach, going on boat trips, snorkling, tubing, relaxing around the house, having meals on the parent porch [below], going to the Junkanoo parades and the men plus my mom went fishing…



The "parent porch" at India's Harbour Island retreat.



Beach bums: Warren, Ansel and Stefan on the beach



Catch of the Day: My brother Ansel scores us dinner!



Elgort Mac Attack!


My dad [Arthur Elgort] spent his days staging photo shoots in each location [below], and I was his appointed assistant and sometimes his subject if I was lucky [see top image].



Dad takes the path from the house down to the beach.



Doing what Dad does best....



At night, we all were invited for cocktails at various island houses – the interior design at India Hicks’ house was some of the best I’ve ever seen – then dinner on the parent porch [below] and after the “kids” played games like charades at Kings Treat before heading out in our golf carts to our favorite spots, Gusty’s and Daddy D’s.



I love the chic, ecclectic design at the Guest House.



India's island style.



Dinner on the parent porch: Our pre-shake-face photo opp!



New Years eve was dinner on the parent porch [complete with a game of “shake-face” that everyone participated in – instructions: relax face and shake head forcefully for a funny look – photos intentionally not shown, though I love the shot of Pam and my dad laughing during it below]. Then kids and parents retired inside to to play a game of boys vs. girls charades before we all hit the docks for the 2013 countdown!



Dad shares a laugh with Pam...



Dad dresses the part with India Hicks Daughter at the Junkanoo.



The Michaelchecks go to Harbour Island every year and my dad used to go all the time for photo shoots, but the rest of the Elgorts- including myself- had never been. Amazing place, absolutely stunning location, but the best part was the company – we all had the absolute best time together!!



I love this shot wth Mom that my Dad took.



The views, sunsets, and memories were unforgettable. We can't wait to all go back again...



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