KDHamptons Fashion Diary: Meet MINX-MINX Bohemian Chic Jewelry Designer Monique Yowell



Jewelry designer Monique Yowell with her husband John




Monique Yowell [above] is a jewelry designer from Newport Beach, California, as well as an old friend of KDHamptons for many years. Not surprisingly, Monique was a model for me when I became the designer for the relaunch of MEMBERS ONLY, an 80’s brand which I injected back into young Hollywood a few years back. Monique launched MINX-MINX in late 2009 after she decided to take a break from modeling and flip her infatuation with jewelry and fashion into a line of her own. She packed up her West Coast glamour and moved to Lake Oswego, Oregon with her husband John [above].







Monique tells KDHamptons, “Whether it’s finding vintage earrings in my grandmother’s jewelry drawer, browsing the shoe boxes full of necklaces at the Rose Bowl flea market, or borrowing the yellow gold Presidential Rolex from my father’s watch box, I find inspiration in possessions that have been adored for decades and share a story behind them.”






Monique’s travels through Europe, Australia & Southeast Asia have exposed her to various cultures and religions, which are reflected in some of her spiritual charms and beads. Combining her bohemian chic twist on 60’s fashion, with her “everlasting obsession of rock-n-roll,” MINX-MINX offers the perfect accessory to any “IT” girl’s outfit.


We caught up with Monique in this KDHamptons Fashion Diary below:



KDHamptons: How would you describe your brand in one sentence?

Monique Yowell: MINX-MINX is sexy, chic, unique and for anyone who dares to be a little different.


KDHamptons: What inspires your designs?

Monique: I have a passion for traveling, which is probably my biggest influence of design.  Seeing different places and understanding history, fashion trends, religion, etc.  Having hungry eyes for what I see or what’s in front of me can spark inspiration that eventually shows up in a set or a charm.  All the sets names and colors are influenced by my time in France, the palace of Versailles, a dark starry evening, the beaches in the South, a glass of Champagne.




Traveling to gorgeous locations like Lake Como, Italy, inspires Monique's designs.



KDHamptons: What has been the most exciting part about becoming a jewelry designer?

Monique: For me it is being able to do something I love every single day.  At first I just started making bracelets for myself and then women were offering to buy them off my wrist at Laker games or out at dinner and then before I knew it I had orders coming in from my website from Canada, London, France, Germany and all over the US.


KDHamptons: Do you have any celebrity clients?

Monique: MINX-MINX has clients across the globe, celebrities often pick up the pieces while on vacation at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach or at trendy Fred Segal in LA.




KDHamptons: Whats up next for you? Will you expand the collection?

Monique: Expanding into additional stores and testing my design skills in things other then bracelets.  Macrame cord bracelets have made their way into the collection along with pave set charms and necklaces.  Eventually my goal is to incorporate precious gems in addition to the semi-precious gemstones MINX-MINX is composed of today. I am also now designing bracelets for men~ my gorgeous guy is already wearing them! [below]





KDHamptons: Where are your pieces made?

Monique: I hand string every single MINX-MINX bracelet, most of the time I work from my home office but I’ve even designed and made sets on the beach in Bali while on a surf trip with my brothers.  This one-woman show never stops!


KDHamptons: Please share your favorite bracelets that you are currently making?

Monique: Okay, here goes:

Champagne Set; $300.00

The Champagne Set is the newest and quickly becoming the most popular of the MINX-MINX sets.  With beautiful shades of yellow and gold this is sure to bring a little “bubbly” to your day.  The Champagne set is made from White Opal, Citrine (both rough and polished) and Champagne colored Pearls.



La Lune Set; $250.00

The La Lune set is made up of three different types of Moonstone; multi-colored, peach and silver.  Moonstone is said to enhance intuition and inspiration and is most powerful when worn during a full moon.  This set is flattering on all skin tones and can be adorned with silver or gold-tone Swarovski crystals.



Les Etoiles Set; $275.00

The Les Etoiles set is comprised 5 gorgeous bracelets in tones of black, grey, white and everything in between.  Frosted hematite, matte black onyx, faceted howlite and faceted fire agate round out the Les Étoiles set which translates to “the stars”.  Silver Swarovski crystal spheres and spacers add the perfect amount of sparkle.



Tigers Eye with Pave Peace Sign; $78.00

Small polished Tigers Eye beads are finished off with a dainty pave set peace sign.



Pyrite with Swarovski Spacers; $54.00

Pyrite or “Fool’s Gold” beads are adorned with 4 gold-tone Swarovski spacers.



Picture Jasper Skull Candy; $66.00

A carved Howlite skull is framed by 2 gold-tone Swarovski crystal balls and finished with Picture Jasper beads.



Turquoise with Swarovski Crystal Balls; $54.00

Deep Turquoise beads are complimented with 3 gold-tone Swarovski Crystal balls for the perfect amount of sparkle.



La Terre Set; $275.00

This earth-tone set is the perfect seasonal transition piece.  Muted greens and neutral tans and browns are given a little bit of sparkle with Swarovski crystal spacers and spheres and finished with a feather and elephant gold-tone charm.  Blue and White Opal are paired with Moonstone and White Mother of Pearl in this set of 5 bracelets.


**For more information please go to: www.minx-minx.com