NEW KDHamptons Recipe: Make Angelina Jolie's Favorite Oscar Party Cocktail!




Fresh off of her Oscar win, Lupita Nyong’o joined Steve McQueen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt at the 12 Years A Slave dinner party hosted by GREY GOOSE at Sunset Tower.  Guests of the exclusive event celebrated with GREY GOOSE Le Fizz cocktails before sitting down to dinner. Brad and Angelina wowed in matching black on black outfits as they enjoyed GREY GOOSE cocktails and mingled with guests.

KDHamptons shares the scoop on Angelina Jolie’s favorite cocktail of the night: The LOWER EAST SIDE, inspired by ‘Return to Retro’.

A sophisticated twist on the most popular drink of the 60’s, the Harvey Wallbanger, this downtown classic is a unique blend of GREY GOOSE L’Orange, seasonal blood orange juice and liqueur, with a slight drizzle of aged balsamic to give a intriguing gritty bite. Here’s how you make it:


1 part GREY GOOSE L’Orange
2 parts freshly squeezed blood orange juice
1 bar spoon orange flavor cognac liqueur
1 drizzle of aged balsamic


Build the Grey Goose L’Orange and blood orange juice, then float the liqueurs on
top. Garnish with a slice of blood orange and a drizzle of aged balsamic.











Jamie McCarthy/Getty images for Grey Goose