NEW KDHamptons Party Diary: Filmmaker Jonas Mekas Feted at the Boo-Hooray Summer Rental Gallery in Montauk.

On Saturday July 1st, OG Hepcat filmmaker Jonas Mekas, 94, was feted at the Boo-Hooray Summer Rental Gallery in Montauk. His images of the Kennedy clan during a summer in 1972 in Montauk and the Andy Warhol estate are on view until mid-July and then will be the subject of a book by Mekas and Boo-Hooray’s Johan Kugelberg, out his fall.
Guests included Bill Powers and Cynthia Rowley, Jill Stuart and Kelly Bensimon, Adam Lindemann, Robert McKinley, and others.
“Jonas is one of the smartest and most inspiring people I’ve ever met.” says Kugelberg “He is a next-level enthusiast with an illuminating curiosity and spontaneity”.
− by Alexa Bloss