NEW KDHamptons Party Diary: Anne Hearst & Jay McInerney Toast the Rita Hayworth Gala



Louise Kornfeld, Cornelia Sharpe Bregman, Sharon Bush, Lauren Bush Lauren, Sharon Bush, Anne Hearst McInerney, Liliana Cavendish



On Friday, August 2nd, the Alzheimer’s Association hosted its official Rita Hayworth Gala Hamptons Kick-Off Reception in Watermill. The reception was hosted by Anne and Jay McInerney at their majestic Ashgrove Farm home, along with Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, to celebrate the upcoming Rita Hayworth Gala in New York on October 22nd, a highlight event of the New York fall fundraising season.



Doppelganger mom and daughter, Robin and Lizzie Meltzer, Young Leadership Committee Co-Chair



This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Rita Hayworth Gala, which Princess Yasmin Aga Khan started in honor of her other, actress Rita Hayworth, who died as a result of Alzheimer’s. To date, under Princess Yasmin Aga Khan’s leadership, over $60 million has been raised through the Rita Hayworth Galas.


Robin Meltzner, who is committed to raising public awareness and funds for the Alzheimers Association shares with KDH, “We are so pleased that this year there is a new division called the Young Leadership Committee. It is led by my daughter, Lizzie Meltzer, Rachel Apfel, Amanda Hearst, and Ashley Bush.” [Learn more about this great group of giving girls in an upcoming KDHamptons feature!]



Marlene Sexton, Anne Hearst McInerney, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Nicole Sexton



Peggy Siegal, Jay McInerney, Bettina Zilkha



Guests were treated to summer cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, [the Blue Point oyster bar was a hit!] and mingled and chatted en plain air on the expansive back lawn of Ashgrove Farm, a stunning backdrop as the sun began to set. Jay McInerney thanked the guests and introduced Nicole Sexton, the current Gala Chair of the Rita Hayworth Gala, who gave a heartfelt speech on the importance of supporting Alzheimer’s research and care, and reiterating the Alzheimer’s Association’s singular mission to eliminate the disease.



Margo Catsimatidis, John Catsimatidis, Andrea Catsimatidis Cox, Christopher Nixon Cox



Guests in attendance included: Harry Johns, CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association, Tom Wallace of Eli Lilly, Gala Steering Committee members Cornelia Bregman, Sharon Bush, Margo Catsimatidis, Liliana Cavendish, Chele Chiavacci, Somers Farkas, Karyn Kornfeld, Louise Kornfeld, Robin Meltzer, Margo MacNabb Nederlander, Daryl Simon, along with the Young Leadership Committee (YLC) Co-Chairs Lizzie Meltzer and Rachel Apfel Glass, and YLC members Andrea Catsimatidis Cox and Brittany Stump.



Kelli Delaney Kot and Dr. Mark Kot


Nicole Sexton, Lauren Bush Lauren, David Lauren


Additional guests included: John Catsimatidis, Christopher Nixon Cox, Blaise Labriola, Marlyne Sexton, David Lauren & Lauren Bush Lauren, Alexandra Lebenthal, Brendan Shanahan, Robert Wilson, Audrey Gruss, Bettina Zilkha, Nina Griscom, Lauren Day Roberts, Peggy Siegal, Francine LeFrak, Debbie Bancroft, Jennifer & Lonnie Wollin, Jonathan Farkas, Stephen Kornfeld, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Jim Signorelli, and Nicole Miller to name a few.



*All photographs by Patrick McMullan