NEW KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary: Queen of the Surf Ball, Sasha Benz

Sasha Benz

Unless you living under a clam shell, you already know that Sasha Benz is the muse of the Montauk style set.  Besides being the visionary Creative Director of the Surf Lodge, Benz is also editor of All my Friends Are Models (AMFAM), an online fashion magazine that looks beyond the stereotypes, addresses real issues, and humanizes beauty. She shares, “AMFAM works with world famous models to create a community that encompasses everything under the fashion umbrella. We produce groundbreaking content, exciting design collaborations, innovative fashion editorials, and a series of events that generate huge media hype.” Learn more about the Queen of the Surf Ball in this new KDHamptons lifestyle diary: 

Photo by Ben Watts

KDHamptons: You are hosting the second annual Surf Ball this weekend. What’s goin’ down?
Sasha: We are picking up where we left off last year, incorporating our new campaign #LOVEYOURSELFIE into the event hosted at The Surf Lodge. The event begins with the full dinner hosted by myself, in partnership with Milkmade. The dinner guest-list consists of an exclusive mix of NYC’s leading fashion names, Victoria’s Secret models, bloggers and influencers, and the music industry’s elite. After dinner, guests will enjoy a live musical performance from Anderson Paak and an after party in the private garden. Should be a great night.

photo by Ben Watts

KDHamptons: Tell us more about THE LOVE YOUR SELFIE CAMPAIGN?
Sasha: Body Image and Mental Health Issues are too common in our society. At AMFAM our goal is to humanize beauty and portray it as something that is obtainable by anyone. As ambassadors of the Fashion Industry it is imperative to stress to our combined networks of friends, family and fans, and the importance of self acceptance, understanding and love.
It all starts with you. Love your self. Love Your body. #loveyourselfie

Sasha Benz

KDHamptons: What does a typical day look like for you in the Hamptons?
Sasha: A perfect day in Montauk, on a ‘day off’ (which I think might only next happen in September haha), would look something like this… breakfast at Joni’s in town, grab a coffee from next door at Left Hand with my hubby Oli (below) and my son Rhythm, and head down to walk along the beach and meditate on the day ahead. A bike ride around the golf course would be my next activity for the day; it’s a beautiful ride through the back streets of the town. Lunch would be at Crows Nest, and a drink after down by their private beach area.

We would then head to Ditch plains where Oli would surf and I would run along the beach for about an hour, while Rhythm visits with his many ‘aunts and uncles’ on the beach, waiting for us both. We would then head down to either Dureyea’s or Montauket for the most breathtaking sunset I have ever seen, which happens every night out here. Then we would head back to Surf Lodge and post up for the night, dining at the restaurant and listening to the band play into the night.

Sasha Benz, Oliver Benz

KDHamptons: Please describe your role at the Surf Lodge?
Sasha: I am a Creative Director – which really covers anything under the creative umbrella – brand activations, decor, layout of the events, celebrity attendance and VIPs, sponsorships & partnerships, pop-ups, etc.

KDHamptons: Which event or concert will be the highlight of August / September?
Sasha: Anderson Paak on July 30th. Also, Rufus and Ben Harper later this season.

KDHamptons: How has becoming a mum changed your life the most?
Sasha: Balancing my son’s time and work! Also, realizing that I have to be present a little more; looking up and being involved in life moments.

Sasha Benz, Oliver Benz

KDHamptons: How would you describe your personal Hamptons style?
Sasha: I always like to get dressed up, definitely a little more colorful and with a summer vibe – but happy to be barefoot while doing it.

KDHamptons: What are your three favorite spots in the Hamptons?
Sasha: Crows Nest for dinner, Melet Mercantile for vintage finds, & Montauket for the ultimate sunset (below).

Oliver Benz, Sasha Benz

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