NEW KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary: Meet Montauk's Camp SoulGrow Founder London Rosiere






This week KDHamptons catches up with gorgeous Montauk resident London Rosiere, the “Head Kid” at Camp SoulGrow, which inspires children’s growth from the inside out. Camp SoulGrow is a non-profit movement offering various creative classes and opportunities: crafting, dancing, volunteering, painting, planting, reading, singing, giving and growing. Montauk offers an environment for children to cultivate their creative energy and begin to grow strongly into their true selves. Learn more about London in this NEW KDHamptons Diary below:







KDHamptons: How long have you been in the Hamptons? Why do you love Montauk so much?

London Rosiere: I have been coming to the Hamptons since 2006, but I moved to Montauk in June after my mom passed away. It’s where I felt I needed to be. The natural beauty of Montauk is humbling and inspiring and I feel blessed to live in such an enchanting place. I haven’t stayed year-round yet, but I plan to this year and I’m excited to see what the off-season brings.







KDHamptons: Please tell us about the camp you started in Montauk? What is the greatest part about your job?

London: Camp SoulGrow started as just a fun way to give back to the community since I felt the community had given so much to me….and I’ve always loved working with kids.. So I started creating free ‘adventure camps’ and spreading the word. The idea was to offer as many different opportunities for the kids to learn new things, meet new people, and offer them a sense of freedom while supporting and promoting local businesses in Montauk including: The Montauk Juice Factory, The Crow’s Nest Restaurant, Love Yoga Studio, Whalebone Creative, Deep Hollow Ranch, Fort Pond Native Plants, and The Montauk Beach House to name a few. I believe that by inspiring children to be well-rounded and open-minded, they are able to grow strongly into their true selves and become confident, independent thinkers and creators. The best part about my “job” is simply being with the kids.
















KDHamptons: You are also an incredible dancer, do you teach or dance professionally? Please share more?

London: Thank you, I’ve been dancing my whole life. To me, dancing has always been the perfect combination of art, passion, and exercise. On a professional level: I have studied among the greatest ballerinas at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C., danced competitively across the nation, and worked at Broadway Dance Center in New York City. I will be teaching more dance classes of various styles for Camp SoulGrow as we expand and grow. Dancing is really great for the body and soul and creates happy vibes. I’m always dancing, even if I’m folding clothes!










KDHamptons: You are in fantastic shape, do you have a set workout regime?

London: Thank you .. My workout regime is just this: listen to my body. Being aware is key: knowing when to pace myself, push myself, and stop myself. It’s about balance. I run, bike, do yoga, dance, box and weight train, so I’m constantly changing it up and working my body in different ways. I keep myself motivated by continuously setting new goals and embracing challenges. Actually, this Saturday I will be running the Hamptons Marathon. This will be my 14th full marathon (26.2 miles) since I started running in 2008. I practice perseverance and use it in everyday life.







KDHamptons: What is your favorite Hamptons restaurant. What is your favorite dish and drink?

London: My favorite and most frequented restaurant is The Crows Nest in Montauk. My favorite dish is the pistachio gelato (yes it’s a dessert but if you’ve had it, you know) and the short rib is amazing too. My favorite drink there is a Vieux Carre because the guys make it just how they do in New Orleans, which makes me nostalgic for my hometown.







KDHamptons: Describe your perfect Hamptons day?

London: Wake up, make my bed, water my garden, make breakfast, walk to the beach, read, go on a run, grab a salad at Naturally Good…then I hop in my car and take a cruise to Southampton and visit some friends. On the drive back I stop in East Hampton to do some shopping. I love Blue & Cream, Lululemon, BookHampton, and White’s Apothecary, then I stop at Vicki’s Veggies on the way back through Amagansett. Once back in Montauk I love to grab some fresh seafood at Gosman’s Fish Market and be home for sunset to cook dinner with friends and have a bonfire on the beach.










KDHamptons: Do you have a “best kept secret” destination in the Hamptons?

London: The best kept secret in the Hamptons is SMLA, 11 year-old Sunny Melet’s handmade and heartfelt clothing and accessory store, located inside Melet Mercantile’s Outpost in Montauk. SMLA offers individualized and custom on-trend designs, differing from Melet Mercantile, which offers vintage clothing, collectable art, books, rare music and worldly finds. Learning from her father, Sunny has made SMLA a truly unique experience and by far the best kept secret in the Hamptons.







KDHamptons: What are your plans for the fall? Travel or staying out East?

London: I plan on staying out East and slowing things down, taking the time to take it all in and growing with the seasons. I don’t have travel plans because right now I’m focused on planning the future of Camp SoulGrow; but I’m a spontaneous traveler. I’m sure I’ll go on a few trips and visit some fun places, and still come back happy that I live in Montauk.







KDHamptons: Which is your favorite season in the Hamptons?

London: My favorite season is actually the changing of seasons because there’s so many things that change with it: colors, weather, fashion, traditions, feelings, etc. Change is good. I find there’s so much to learn through nature: to adapt, to evolve, to appreciate, and to let go. Every day is a gift.







KDHamptons: If you could only dance with one person in the world, whom would you choose?

London: It would be my mother, Diane Rosiere (below), who passed away this Spring. If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with her. I’d play a song that would never, ever end…..Cause I’d love, love, love to dance with my mother again…







KDHamptons: What was the greatest moment of your summer?

London: Every single day of the summer was a learning experience. Every day I grew in some way that I am thankful for. But specifically, there was a moment at the Camp SoulGrow Labor Day pool party (at The Montauk Beach House) where the kids and parents got on the microphone and gave speeches. My heart completely melted and I’m pretty sure it was the best moment of my life. To me, it’s all about giving, and I give these kids everything I have, so to hear their appreciation and know I touched their lives —well, it’s even too much for me to think about right now. My heart is more than full, it’s overflowing.










KDHamptons: How can our readers learn more about you and Camp SoulGrow?

London: They can learn more here: / or follow me at: Instagram: @CampSoulGrow / FB: