NEW KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary: Haven Montauk Hotel Director Jenny Cabido



1Haven Montauk Hotel director Jenny Cabido with her girls




KDHamptons recently discovered a little jewel box hotel in Montauk, aptly named Haven Montauk Hotel.  Although the number seems to grow each season, there still are not a lot of hotel options in Montauk that have a “boutique hotel” feel.  Haven offers just that and more, under the curated eye of resident director Jenny Cabido, who tells KDHamptons,  “We treat the hotel as an extension of our home and do our best to make each and every guest feel the same comforts they would if they were guests in our very own living room. We have a no fuss, super chill vibe but ultimately, we have an underlying desire to make people happy.”  Learn more about Haven Montauk Hotel and Jenny Cabido in this NEW KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary below:








KDHamptons: How do you describe your Haven Montauk Hotel?

Jenny Cabido: We have 27 rooms ranging from classic studios, premium studios with water views, to 1 and 2 bedroom suites. We open May 15 and close Oct 15. While Haven doesn’t have a restaurant, we operate as a BnB would. We love pets, and always have treats for them, we love children and think of the needs and wants of our youngest guests when making all decisions from decor, to activities, to snacks we keep stocked. We often grill and invite any guests who wish, to dine with us around the fire pit. We act as concierge, making impossible weekend dinner reservations happen for people, hang by the pool with them and serve up ice cream and fresh baked pie from one of Montauk’s amazing roadside stands. We absolutely live for hospitality and Haven is a direct extension of ourselves.












Haven Montauk Location: 533 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954; 631.668.7000;












KDHamptons: Are you a full-time Montauk resident? How long have you been coming to the Hamptons and what do you love most about it?

Jenny: I live in Montauk with my family from May to mid-October every year. I’ve been visiting for close to 8 years and spending 5 months here a year for the past 3 years. I grew up in Southern California and I feel that Montauk provides me with a little bit of that “no worries” mantra that I love so much. The Montauk locals are proud, small town, salt of the earth people who typically make a living with their hands. There are amazing craftsmen, fishermen, surfers, writers, and artists here (sometimes you find all of those qualities in one person!). Everything and everyone has a genuine “what you see is what you get” vibe, and I really take to that. I love that my children will have the street smarts of a Manhattanite (where we live in the off season) and also a deep respect for nature and small town life. The best memories of my kids life, are no doubt thanks to Montauk.




13096_10152560083635881_8153699086443961398_n1Jenny with her husband and girls




Haven-Bikes copyBikes are offered to Haven guests




1511169_10152381873505881_3940331273669110613_nCabido’s cuties.




HavenThe lush gardens at Haven




KDHamptons: Why has Montauk become such an obsession for the summer crowd vs other towns?

Jenny: I think that many people love that many parts of Montauk are still untouched. The roads and landscaping are raw and wild vs the pristine tree lined streets and perfectly trimmed hedges of the Hamptons. The bars are laid back, the restaurants are not pretentious, the surf is amazing. I think people can really get away and relax in Montauk, while some other towns near by can sometimes just feel like an extension, scene wise, of Manhattan. Montauk is incredibly romantic, with its rolling fog and rocky beaches.. Montauk to me, is still cozy, while nearby towns almost seem contrived.










Ditch Plains






KDHamptons: What is your favorite restaurant in Montauk and what do you usually order?

Jenny: Ooh, I am afraid to mention my favorite, Dave’s Grill, because it is small and already impossible to get in sometimes! Dave’s is so special, and I am proud to share our little nook of the Harbor with them. The owners are a lovely couple, Dave and Julie Marcley and are always on site, pouring their life in to this amazing place. I always get the stuffed Lobster or the filet and never miss the creamed spinach or spare ribs.




IMG_1223Dave’s Grill








KDHamptons: Can you please describe what your perfect day in Montauk looks like?

Jenny: I truly feel that each and every day in Montauk, is my best day. My summers are spent doing what I love, with my family and friends all around. I can describe my perfectly average day, and to me, its perfection…

Weekdays, I head to Montauk Bakeshop and pick up pastries for the Hotel (and myself, of course) and then head to Joni’s for a smoothie. On weekends, I brunch at Surf Lodge, because I am obsessed with their banana bread, and this season I think Ill be obsessed with their new pop up of Crepe Sucre. When I am not working, my family and I spend the day paddle boarding on The Sound or bike riding around Gosman’s Dock. We love to visit Rita’s farm and feed the horses and do that often. For dinner we either grill freshly caught fish with our guests or head to Daves Grill or Crows Nest to watch the sunset. We finish our night lighting lanterns in to the sky and roasting s’mores in our fire pit. If its a really truly great day, one of our super talented guests will bring down their guitar and play for us. Sleep, wake up, and do it all over again. I find so much comfort in simple days like I just described.




montauk-bake-shoppeMontauk Bake Shop




Surf-Lodge2Surf Lodge




image11Rita’s Farm in Montauk








sunsetsMontauk sunsets are unforgettable