NEW KDHamptons Garden Diary: Eastland Nursery & Farms ~ Still in Full Bloom!



Doc is in charge of our gardens by the pool and is an Eastland fan



KDH is obsessed with the offering at Eastland Nursery & Farms in Water Mill. Owner Mike DeRosa cultivates the most beautiful selection of flowers, trees, boxwoods, roses, annuals, perennials, herbs….and more! Doc and I pay a visit to Eastland at least once a week and patient Tony Jimenez is my resident garden guru there. Here are a few pix [above & below] of our gardens this year….




My husband is as equally talented at gardening as he is medicine!






This summer I ambitiously decided to create a formal English rose garden at our Water Mill home and the experience has been the equivalent to raising babies. Boy, roses sure need a lot of nurturing and care, but I am so excited about the results. [psst! photos will be coming soon]. I like to buy all of my roses at Eastland because they have so many unique varieties you won’t find everywhere else. Find everything from lilac, to dip-dyed, to giant oversized blooming rose bushes here…



KDH scouts for fabulous flowers at Eastland



Like ours, at this point in the summer garden season you may be hitting the end of a lot of your blooming flowers and plants ~ it’s time to replenish! A lot of the Hamptons nurseries don’t have lots of options for annuals left right now, but check out the fully loaded flower explosion still going strong at East Land. All of the haute Hamptons green thumbers can be spotted at Eastland including garden designer Ron Wendt [below] and Preston Phillips, both of whom I steal many gardening tips!



Celebrity garden designer Ron Wendt at Eastland



I love taking pix of my Lily with the endless field of lilies at Eastland!



Ready to take your garden up a notch in August! Check out the fabulous flowers at East Land now:



Eastland garden designer, Tony Jimenez shares the best tips and suggestions



Eastland’s garden designer Tony Jimenez [above] shares, “Grasses are in plume right now [yes that’s the proper term]. We have so many great varieties that can be used as filler, a stand alone grass garden, or even in large pots by the pool. I love the Pennisetum grass, which has a wheat like look to it.”











Tony shares, “I’m also loving the new variety of flox we just got in called volcano. It starts out with white flowers, then turns pink. The Crape Myrtle trees we have look fantastic, and our rose bushes are about to have a second bloom. My favorite roses this season are the .Julia Child yellow roses, Blue Girl which has a lavender bloom, and the JFK which gives big, beautiful white blooms.”







“A great Hamptons garden should be fully established by August. So now you need to fill in the details to add more color and blooms as many plants are now just leafy greens. I love the look of anemone, it boasts small dainty pink and white flowers ~ girls always love it!”










Head to Eastland Nursery & Farms and ask for Mike, Tony, or Pete for inspired garden tips!

Location: 1260 Montauk Highway in Water Mill; phone 631.726.1961