NEW KDHamptons Fitness Diary: Hamptons Wellness Week Founder Kiley Sabatino



Linda Silich Class at Studio 89 in Sag Harbor (via



When it’s freezing cold and the snow won’t stop falling, it’s easy to blow off the gym [and New Year’s resolutions] during the winter months, but thankfully, Hamptons Wellness Week helped lite a spark for local fitness fans from January 12-17. Launched for the first time by Kiley Sabatino and Anastasia Gavalas, the goal was to kickstart a year of good health for the mind, body, and soul. For only $5 a class, Hamptonites had to the opportunity to work out at premiere fitness studios from Westhampton to Montauk and attend evening lectures and activities. We catch up with Kiley to get the full scoop about the launch in her new KDHamptons Fitness Diary below:




KDHamptons: What inspired you to create Hamptons Wellness Week?

Kiley: When I started One Healthy Hamptons, ( my dream was to align the health and wellness community in the Hamptons. Not only do we live in an amazing and unique place, but we have such unique and amazing people, resources, and services around us as well. I wanted to dive deeper into this world and provide a platform to strengthen connections, enhance accessibility for everyone, and, most of all, keep it fun and balanced, always.



Anastasia Gavalas and Kiley Sabatino



Anastasia [who is family life teacher, founder of the Wing It Project, and mom of five!] and I hit it off from the first time we met – working together was inevitable. Hamptons Wellness Week grew out of a passing conversation when we were catching up over coffee. Anastasia admitted that she’d tried a fitness class over the summer and was disappointed that she’d spent a ton of money only to find out that it really wasn’t her thing. She casually said to me: “wouldn’t it be cool if you could try a class for like $5?” People benefit from classes, lectures, and offers like free facials and nutrition consultations, so why shouldn’t local fitness studios and wellness businesses get a boost during the quiet season? It’s a win-win for all of us heading into the new year. We even planned a kids event and wrap party at Fresh Hamptons and incorporated the Wing It Project throughout!



Families made pizza with Fresh Hampton's Chef Todd Jacobs



KDHamptons: How do you stay fit during the cold winter season?

Kiley: The same way I stay fit when it’s warm, only less outdoor running! I am ALL about switching it up. I recently got addicted to weight-lifting, far more effective than hours of cardio, but I just try to do something everyday – yoga, spinning, weights, or a fun class. I’ve learned, especially over this passed year, to do what you love and love what you do. Find the workouts you look forward to and enjoy those exercise endorphins!




KDHamptons: What are your favorite healthy places to eat in the Hamptons?

Kiley: I love Fresh, (if I could have a personal chef, I think it would be Todd, he just gets it – healthy, local, organic, and balanced.) Babette’s is my favorite brunch spot, Topping Rose – amazing kale salad – I love sushi, so we go to Sen often, and my fiance is a big fan of Bobby Van’s, so we’re there a lot, no complaints there.) I eat really clean at home, but going out is just as much about pleasure as it is about the meal. I’m not strict to be strict, I eat what I enjoy and I enjoy healthy food.



The Tuscan Kale Salad at Fresh Hampton- YUM



KDHamptons: Where are your favorite places to work out in the Hamptons?

Kiley: Depends on the day and what I feel like doing. There’s SO many great options, some I’ve tried, some I’m dying to! (That’s why Hamptons Wellness Week is great, we all get to try some new classes!) I am big into cross-training. TRX, spin, yoga, barre, pilates…it’s all so good. I’m somewhat addicted to hot yoga at POE. I live in Sag, so I’m pretty excited about Studio 89’s new offerings and I have to say that Norma Jean Pilates has an energy like NO other – every time I walk in there, I’m instantly happy.



Norma Jean Pilates



KDHamptons: What is your advice for Hamptonites who are trying to stay healthy this winter?

Kiley: Get out there! There’s SO many options available, something for everyone, there’s just no excuse not to move everyday. Commit to trying some new things and find what works for you. Exercise, and a healthy lifestyle in general, is addicting. It’s a cycle of goodness. Although I personally love to be out in the community, I also try to provide at least three new workouts a month on One Healthy Hamptons for those who like to work out alone or have little time to squeeze it in.



Participating fitness studios included: Exhale Spa, Cross Fit Hamptons, KamaDeva Yoga, Norma Jean Pilates, Physique 57, Studio 89, Silich TRX, The Body Shop, Hamptons Hot Yoga, Exceed Physical Culture, SH Hospital Wellness Institute, Cinema Cycle, Body Tech, Mandala Yoga, Evolution Fitness, and Studio 3.