NEW KDHamptons Featured Book: AN INVITATION TO THE GARDEN: Seasonal Entertaining Outdoors





Known for his internationally recognized line of hand-printed fabrics, designer Michael Devine has written a stunning new coffee table book, AN INVITATION TO THE GARDEN: Seasonal Entertaining Outdoors, which is sure to be an instant hit with Hamptons horticulturalists this spring. With a foreword written by Charlotte Moss, and lush photography by Michael Devine with John Gruen, this gorgeous garden book will get your green thumb in high gear.


Michael shares, “My garden is the place where I let my imagination run free. Welcome to my private Eden. I hope you enjoy this tour of my seasonal parties, and that they will inspire you to create enchanting events of your own.”





“RSVP to Michael’s invitation to the garden, turn the page, and discover and delight in all things Devine,” shares celebrated prolific designer and author, Charlotte Moss.





In the book, Devine shares the joys of outdoor dining in his exquisite garden, presenting several get-togethers throughout the year, from breakfast and lunch to cocktails and dinner. Included are 50 easy-to-prepare recipes as well as numerous ideas for creating festive tablescapes and decor that befit each occasion, including an iridescent butterfly-themed summer luncheon, a springtime lantern-lit cocktail party, and a Christmas Eve feast in his cozy candlelit garden folly.




Pictured here, Devine’s gaspworthy garden in upstate New York serves as the backdrop for this delicious entertaining guide; his backyard garden is filled with clipped bushes, trellised climbing roses, potted containers, and raised sprightly vegetable and herb beds, all of which serve as the source for many of the fresh ingredients for his mouth-watering menus.




A charming bagatelle with a thatched roof and a gravel terrace enveloped by the lush garden function as intimate seating areas for his chic parties, framed with an array of sensuous blooms for the table, ready for the picking. Filled with charming tabletop arrangements, delicious menus—with some ingredients sourced from his backyard seasonal bounty—creative decorative and floral compositions, and tips for keeping cut flowers looking fresh, this useful guide is filled with lots of stylish outdoor entertaining ideas, whether you are a Hamptonite or a city dweller with a potted balcony terrace.





Planning a special dinner party this spring? Indulge your guests with one of Michael’s fantastic featured menus. Here are three of my personal favorites which I can’t wait to serve at KDHamptons events:


● Light Lobster Lunch: Homemade Lemon Soda / Chilled Terrine of Summer Vegetables / Lobsters Poached in Court Bouillon / Raspberry Sorbet with Chocolate-Dipped Mint Leaves / Chilled Chablis

● Lantern-Lit Drinks Party: Savory Mini Muffins / Honey-Glazed Cherry Tomatoes / Tempura Fried Herbs / Feta Zucchini Rounds / Charcuterie / Orange-Chocolate Heart-shaped Brownies / Marshmallow Pops / San Pellegrino and Red and White Sancerre

● Alfresco Evening Dinner: Chilled Zucchini Soup / Thyme-Marinated Lamb Chops / Green Beans with White Wine and Walnuts / Vanilla Ice Milk with Gooseberry Sauce / Chilled White Sancerre





To purchase: © An Invitation to the Garden by Michael Devine, Rizzoli New York, 2014; $40.00 US & CANADA, PUBLICATION DATE: April 2014, please go to:


**Photographs in this feature courtesy of © Michael Devine with John Gruen.