NEW KDHamptons Feast End Diary: Meet Montauk's 'Happy Bowls' Founder Tyler Davis





Happy Bowls is a super hot & healthy Açaí Bar located on Main Street in Montauk owned and operated by lifelong Montauk resident, Tyler Davis [above, left], who also happens to be big brother to professional women’s surfer Quincy Davis [above,right]. Along with offering delectable dishes of açaí, Happy Bowls also serves delicious smoothies and fresh squeezed juices. It’s clear that the hero ingredient at Happy Bowls is Açaí, the super-fruit berry which is only grown in the Amazon, in Brazil. We find out why we should all be indulging in this hip Hamptons health trend in Tyler’s NEW KDHamptons Feast End Diary below:





KDHamptons: When did you open Happy Bowls? What inspired you to launch this business?

Tyler Davis: We opened up shop in June of 2013 in my hometown of Montauk. Like any other Montauk local, I love my hometown with great pride. I felt that as a flourishing surfing/beach town it was essential that our town offers a healthy and incredibly delicious way of getting the proper nutrition. It goes hand in hand with the active and healthy lifestyle of Montauk.



KDHamptons: Why is açaí so healthy for us to eat?

Tyler: The pulp of açaí [which is what we use to make our bowls] contains a remarkable amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants combat premature aging with 10x more antioxidants than red grapes. It also contains healthy fats and omegas to promote cardiovascular and digestive health. The berry also has an almost perfect amino acid complex, which is vital for muscle contraction an regeneration.





KDHamptons: Where does the name Happy Bowls come from?

Tyler: Upon opening the shop, the name Happy Bowls was something that was very important to me. Since happiness is the key to life, I felt the name worked perfectly. It has a great ring to it, and after you eat your first bowl, you’ll be overwhelmed with joy. Thus, it’s truly a Happy Bowl.



KDHamptons: Can a Happy Bowl be customized?

Tyler: Yes, customers can go nuts at our toppings bar. Choose to add granola, fruit, nuts, and everything in between. Our “Build your own Bowl” process allows there to be tens of thousands different possible bowl creations.





KDHamptons: Seems like you have a big connection to the surf culture. Why?

Tyler: Surfing and Açaí is like peanut butter to jelly; they have to go together. After a long session, there is no better way to replenish your energy for the next surf session than having a bowl. My parents are surfers, all my friends are surfers, I am a surfer, and my sister is a professional surfer who is currently competing to make the ASP world tour. Montauk is the surfing capital of the East Coast, and providing the surfers with proper nutrition brings us great joy.





KDHamptons: What do you love about living in Montauk?

Tyler: I honestly love every little thing about living in Montauk. I was born and raised here; and to me, Montauk is one big family. We all look out for each other. We are a fishing town, with a surfing problem. The ocean makes us who we are, and we love that. Being able to wake up on a chilly fall morning, drive on the beach, and find perfect world class waves with your friends is something I can’t use words to describe. I wouldn’t trade Montauk for the world.





KDHamptons: Will there be other Hamptons outposts?

Tyler: As of this interview, we opened in Montauk 8 months ago. Since then, we have opened 2 more, with a 3rd on the way, totaling 4 locations. You can find us in Montauk, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Rincon, Puerto Rico – and soon to be downtown Wilmington, North Carolina!



KDHamptons: What are the three most popular bowls? How much are the bowls?

Tyler: This a tough question because we have so many people using the “Build your own Bowl” process, where there is thousands of possibilities. If I had to chose, I’d say the “Montauk Bowl” is our most popular. That’s where everyone starts. From there our “PB&J Bowl” is second. [We blend in peanut butter and put fresh strawberries and bananas on top of the açaí and granola.] Third is our “500 calorie bowl” which we use unsweetened açaí and coconut water topped with granola, banana and the freshest blueberries. Bowls prices range from $6.95 – $12 depending on what toppings you use.



KDHamptons: Does Happy Bowls boast any celebrity fans?

Tyler: We get a bunch of professional surfers who come in and eat bowls on any given day. For instance, we have Joel Tudor: longboard legend and 2 time men’s longboard world champion. Kelia Moniz: 2 time back to back woman’s world longboard champion and current reigning champ. Monyca Eleogram: woman’s professional world tour surfer.  We also see Walter Iooss, arguably the most famous photographer walking the earth today, known for his awesome photos in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. And then of course there’s all my friends, who think they’re celebrities!


Location: 805 Montauk Highway, Montauk, 631-374-1246, and follow Tyler @happybowls on Instagram