NEW KDHamptons Fashion Obsession: LULU DK Tattoos!




Have you noticed recently that all of the gorgeous Hamptons girls are sporting silver and gold super chic decorative tattoos? And guess who is behind this summer trend — haute Hamptons designer Lulu deKwiatkowski.  Lulu shares, “I am thrilled to introduce LULU DK Temporary Jewelry Tattoos! I love jewelry but have always had problems with things clanging and getting in the way on my wrist, so when my sister came home with a gold tattoo that she found overseas, I jumped on it and decided to create my own designs.” Accessorize you tan skin with Lulu’s eclectic tattoos before hitting the weekend events in the Hamptons….



Designer Lulu deKwiatkowski




LULU DK brings a jewelry and metallic element to the world of temporary tattoos. “The allure and appeal of both jewelry and tattoos are undoubtedly a vibrant and widespread presence in our culture.  With the popularity of both seemingly different ornamentations, it only seemed right they should finally come together.”










With a specific direction to embody jewelry, deKwiatkowski applied the artistic hand for which she is known to this latest endeavor, creating a line of intricate, painterly jewelry tattoos.  The metallic gold, silver, and black designs come in a wide array of styles and tastes, including classic bracelets, feminine florals, edgy geometrics, and flowing scripted words.







“I love, love, love how gold and silver make your body shimmer and lighten up – and these tattoos do that beautifully,” exclaims deKwiatkowski.  Lasting about four to six days, in and out of the water, they are also the perfect addition for the summer swimsuit months.”





Lulu’s Temporary Jewelry Tattoos are available to purchase on and at select retail locations.  For more information or wholesale inquiries, please email