Ivanka Trump Shares: How To Rock Diamonds in the Country!



Diamond girl Ivanka Trump



Ivanka Trump likes to Rock Tradition ~ literally~ It’s the motto for her luxe fine jewelry line that has Hollywood toasting this teutonic Trump!

The “daughter-of” moniker was thrown off the top of Trump Tower in 2007 when Ivanka launched her eponymous fine jewelry collection by “combining her innate understanding of modern luxury with a vision of heirloom-chic jewelry inspired by the best classic styles of all times.”


Since then Ivanka has worked to establish a covetable fine jewelry brand that instills modern glamour to each piece and “pays homage to the past while embracing the future.” Trump’s jewels have, in a short time, secured their place in the luxury market as well as adorning major Hollywood style stars on the red carpet including: Oprah Winfrey, Demi Moore, Blake Lively, Emmy Rossum, Jennifer Lopez, Leighton Meester, and Natalie Portman.

Published author of The Trump Card, television star of Celebrity Apprentice, UN ambassador for the Girl Up campaign, a mogul’s wife, new mommy, and an internationally sought after jewelry designer? Move over daddy, Ivanka may be the Trump running for President one of these days! Now sold in 80 specialty retailers both domestically and internationally, the Ivanka Trump bauble brand recently opened a gorgeous boutique and bridal salon in Soho, NY and has plans for a spring store opening in Beijing.

Below, Ivanka shares some tips for haute Hamptonites on how to wear fine jewelry in the country~ and not look like Zsa Zsa from Green Acres!



Ivanka has worn her Oxidized Black Diamond Bead Tassel necklace on the set of Celebrity Apprentice ($45k).


Here’s Ivanka Trump’s exclusive KDHamptons diamond diary:

KDHamptons: Ivanka, what do you feel is the trend in fine jewelry this season? Do you have a favorite personal piece that you will be wearing throughout winter?

Ivanka Trump: The black diamond tassel necklace is such a sensational piece. The rough black diamond briolettes are expertly hand cut giving it an amazing sparkle. It is really a show stopper and my go-to piece whenever I have to get dressed up.



KDH: Your family background is in real estate, how have you enjoyed venturing into the fashion business? Apart from your high end clientele, is there another shared commonality you have found between both industries?

Ivanka: I’ve learned that hard work never goes out of style and to always be prepared for interviews, meetings, discussions, everything. Work hard. Create a strong and consistent identity~ your name and reputation are your best assets.


Black Onyx and Diamond Deco Scroll Pattern Cuff; made to order



KDH: Where do you find you draw your biggest design inspirations from?

Ivanka: My mother’s Legacy Jewelry Collection always inspired me, and my love for the classic aesthetic helped propel my vision. I realized the luxury fine jewelry market was missing a fresh, young design approach. That’s where my jewelry lines vision of “Rock Tradition” plays a vital role~ it’s a modern twist on fine jewelry’s most important classics. I’ve always had a passion for jewelry; my design mandate has always been to youthfully reinvent classic important pieces. I draw inspiration from glamorous deco pieces from the 1920’s and combine it with modern day influences from architecture and my travels.



KDH: If I am to buy one extravagant piece of jewelry from the Ivanka Trump collection right now, shall I go for a dramatic cocktail ring {like your black onyx pieces} for special occasion only? Or, should I invest in a piece I can wear every day?

Ivanka: I feel that a fabulous pair of earrings that can go from the office to a night out are an absolute necessity! My favorites are the medium signature oval diamond earrings from my collection~they really make a statement…



"Signature diamond oval earrings can easily go from day to night," shares Ivanka. (Medium Signature Oval Earrings, $13k)



KDH: Is it difficult for your husband to pick out jewels for you? Did you help design your engagement ring?

Ivanka: Well, I designed the engagement rings from my Bridal Collection, and Jared knew how special the cushion cut diamond ring was to me..



Some of the sparkling stunners from the Ivanka Trump Bridal collection. (price upon request)



KDH: KDHamptons is The Luxury Lifestyle Diary of the Hamptons. A tip for how to wear fine jewelry in the country without looking “too much?”

Ivanka: I tend to stick to chic, timeless items like delicate bangles, banded rings, and elegant earrings. I have a pair of rose gold rock crystal bangles from my fine jewelry collection that are perfectly understated for the Hamptons.



Ivanka suggests these rose gold bangles for a chic understated look in the country. (Mixed Cut Rose Gold diamond bracelets, $2750-3400)



KDH: Our haute Hamptons hamlets boast an impressive group of estate and fine jewelry boutiques. Might we see an Ivanka Trump boutique coming soon to the Hamptons?

Ivanka: There are no current plans to open a boutique in the Hamptons, but we just reopened my flagship boutique and bridal salon in New York City at 109 Mercer Street. We are currently carried by over 80 specialty retailers both domestically and internationally, with plans to continue this growth and expansion – so you never know what the future will bring!



109 Mercer Street
(888) 756-9912

*or go to www.ivankatrumpcollection.com



Ivanka there is a perfect spot for your new Hamptons boutique on Main Street in East Hampton. Think about it?



*In March of 2010, the company launched its global expansion through partnerships with exclusive retailers throughout North America, Asia and the Middle East. Ivanka will open her first retail boutique outside of the United States in Beijing this Spring, to be followed by 4 more Asian boutiques by 2015…Wow, this girl really Rocks!